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Dongguan customs clearance time reduced by more than half this year

Aug 29 2017

Reporter Yang Yingjie

A few days ago, the Dongguan Municipal Government and Huangpu Customs held a press conference in Dongguan, and officially issued "Several Opinions of Huangpu Customs on Further Supporting Dongguan in Deepening the Construction of a New Open Economy System" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), in processing trade, bonded logistics Eight aspects, such as serving new business formats of foreign trade and pilot enterprises of the "doubling plan", support Dongguan in building a new open economic system.

Customs supervision and transformation and upgrading of foreign trade

5In May last year, Dongguan became one of the 12 pilot cities in the country's open economic new system and the only one in Guangdong. In the second month, Huangpu Customs and the Municipal People's Government of Dongguan signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement for Promoting the Development of Comprehensive Pilot Experiments for the Construction of a New Open Economic System in Dongguan." For more than a year, the two sides have achieved certain results in cooperation. Customs supervision and foreign trade transformation and upgrading have achieved "dual promotion".

Taking processing trade as an example, in July this year, the two sides took the lead in launching a pilot reform of processing trade supervision of “enterprise as a unit” nationwide, tailoring the “general trade + bonded warehouse” supervision model for large enterprises such as Huawei and BBK. From January to July this year, the import and export of processing trade in Dongguan was 330.95 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%.

In addition, combining the characteristics of cross-border e-commerce commodity fragmentation, data quantification, and fast customs clearance, Huangpu Customs implemented intensive review of orders in Dongguan, independently developed a cross-border e-commerce auxiliary management system, and realized customs supervision and corporate tally, packaging, Delivery synchronization. From January to July this year, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce goods in Dongguan was 1.34 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44.51%.

Realize "quick speed-up" for cargo clearance

1In the first seven months of this year, the average customs clearance time of the customs in Dongguan area was reduced by 59.6% compared with 2016; the average export customs clearance time was reduced by 54.3%, all of which have achieved the goal of reducing cargo clearance time by one third.

In order to achieve "new optimization" of the import and export business environment, all customs-related import and export projects of the Customs and Excise Department have achieved "zero charges", and over 94% of online import and export declarations for goods through the "Internet + Customs" have initially achieved " Let the data run more, let the masses run less. " Launched from December 2015 to July this year, Dongguan enterprises handled 547,000 tickets for bonded supervision online; according to the frequency of each ticket to and from customs once, each time the labor and transportation costs are estimated at 200 yuan. Only this one item can be an enterprise Save about 109 million yuan.

With the support of Huangpu Customs, Dongguan has achieved a "new breakthrough" in the construction of the regional economic cooperation platform. On the Guangdong (Shilong) Railway International Logistics Base and the Sino-Russian Trade Industrial Park project, Huangpu Customs implements "one-stop" customs clearance at the local customs to help trains pass through customs faster. Since 2016 (as of June 30 of this year), the base has operated 179 international freight trains, 90 thousand tons of freight, and a value of 2.99 billion yuan. In April this year, it opened the first return trains.overseas shipping cost

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