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Port of Rotterdam simultaneously fills LNG during ship transhipment to reduce docking time(Logistics provider in China)

Jul 17 2019

It is reported that the port of Rotterdam may boast of its European priority recently, that is, a ship is also filled with liquefied natural gas (LNG) while transferring containers.(Logistics provider in China

        The largest European port in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, said in a press briefing that the industry ’s major move to accept LNG as a transportation fuel for shipping was taken by the Containerships Nord containership. This process is called simultaneous refueling and allows vessels to significantly reduce their docking time at the port. The operation was carried out at the RST terminal at Prins Willem Alexanderhaven in Rotterdam, while LNG was provided by Shell.

         The Rotterdam Port Authority helps facilitate simultaneous refueling. "This is in line with our ambition to promote energy conversion in the shipping sector, namely from fuel to LNG," explained Ronald Paul, chief operating officer of the Port Authority. The first refueling operation successfully paved the way for the follow-up of the Containerships Polar, the sister ship of the Containerships Nord. From now on, the two vessels will refill LNG in Rotterdam at the same time. The Containerships series is a subsidiary of CMA CGM, which is committed to promoting the energy transformation of the container shipping sector. CMA CGM has ordered 20 LNG-powered vessels, including 9 container vessels with a capacity of 22,000 TEUs.

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