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Apr 07 2021

Why is there a digital freight forwarding?

Customers have pain points, there will be innovation, who wants to endure 100 hours to get a quote? This is because freight forwarders need to interact multiple times via email to fill out and check shipping documents. B

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Feb 21 2021

Classification of transit containers.

The classification of transit containers is as follows: First, the transit containers are divided into types (uses): 1. General-purpose container: General-purpose container is generally used to transport ordinary p

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Feb 10 2021

Freight documents commonly used in sea route shipping.

In order to ensure the safe handover of import and export goods, only various documents need to be compiled during the entire sea route shipping process. Each document has its specific purpose, and there is an interdepen

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Jan 22 2021

The difference between cash on delivery and prepaid in Sea shipping.

Pay by Sea shipping is the FOB price, that is, you only need to pay the domestic fee, and the rest of the cost is borne by the guest, usually the shipping company designated by the guest. Sea shipping prepaid refers t

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Jan 16 2021

sea route shipping oversized cargo by sea.

At present, there are many types of goods transported in international ocean transportation. Therefore, the types of ships and loading and unloading equipment used to transport goods are also different for different type

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