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Ocean Freight

FCL service:  We cooperate with many high-class carriers like EMC, COSCO, APL, WHL, CNC, TSL, KMTC, ZIM, SITC, ONE,HMM etc., and the service networks are involved all over the world.

Main lines: from China to the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Red Sea, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, US line, South America and etc.

LCL service: we can provide door-to-door services for various bulk cargoes and assembled boxes from CMP.

Air Freight

Haiyuan can provide you with faster, more efficient and safe air freight import and export services.

Main advantages:

Eastern Europe / Central Asia: SU / UN / LO / HY, as an air transport expert in Eastern Europe / Central Asia, strong support from Russian agents. Provide comprehensive pre-services in delivery, customs clearance and exhibitions.

Middle East / Africa: EK / QR / EY / SV Airlines flies to the Middle East multiple times a day, relying on Dubai and other large Middle East air ports to transfer to major airports in the Middle East and Africa.

Europe: CZ / CA / MH / CV / UPS / TG

Japan Line: NH / KZ / CX Advantages are fast and effective. The goods will be received on the same day, and Hong Kong customers can clear the customs the next morning.

South America Line: CX / E6 / JW / M6 / QT / SA / BA For different products.We will formulate air transport plans carefully . Making the cargo reach the destination port safely / quickly.

Rail Freight

Since One Belt and One Road policy ,our Chengdu office focus on railway transportation from Chengdu to Europe. We are one of the designated partners of the China-Europe train service.

As we cooperate with many railway companies, we can handle the rail transport from all over the country, like Chongqing, Wuhan, Hefei, Shilong, Dalang, Zhengzhou, XI AN,Chengdu etc.

And we can also provide you FCL import and LCL import services with our best rates and services.

Express Service

DHL UPS FEDEX TNT provides express services all around the world. We make full use of the good cooperation relationship establishing with the four major international express companies and rely on our professional and resource advantages, according to the characteristics of different regions, different commodities, different prices to provide each customer with the most suitable international express solution.

To choose Haiyuan International is more safe, more fast and more thoughtful personalized to ensure that your goods enjoy the highest quality transport service.

Inland Transport

Haiyuan international provides the trailer service from major coastal ports to inland ports in China. We have our own motorcade, which can provide you with FCL, freezer with generator, bulk truck, customs supervision truck and all kinds of series transportation services. Sufficient protection also ensure the shipment schedule in the peak season.

Customs Broker

We have our own customs broker in Yantian port, Shekou port, export warehouse, Qingshuihe warehouse and so on, which can provide agency service of import and export customs clearance, commodity inspection, plant and animal inspection, insurance, FORM A, C/O, fumigation certificate and customs clearance of special goods, etc.

We can also handle various inspection and declaration for our customers to ensure their cargoes customs clearance safey and rapidly.

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