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Air Freight
Haiyuan can provide you with faster, more efficient and safe air freight import and export services.

Main advantages:

Eastern Europe / Central Asia: SU / UN / LO / HY, as an air transport expert in Eastern Europe / Central Asia, strong support from Russian agents. Provide comprehensive pre-services in delivery, customs clearance and exhibitions.

Middle East / Africa: EK / QR / EY / SV Airlines flies to the Middle East multiple times a day, relying on Dubai and other large Middle East air ports to transfer to major airports in the Middle East and Africa.

Europe: CZ / CA / MH / CV / UPS / TG

Japan Line: NH / KZ / CX Advantages are fast and effective. The goods will be received on the same day, and Hong Kong customers can clear the customs the next morning.

South America Line: CX / E6 / JW / M6 / QT / SA / BA For different products.We will formulate air transport plans carefully . Making the cargo reach the destination port safely / quickly.