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30 reform projects in Yantian District advance in an orderly manner, overall progress is 63.1%(China ocean shipping)

Jul 18 2019

On the morning of July 12, the 17th meeting of the Leading Group for Comprehensive Deepening Reform was held in Yantian District. The reporter learned from the meeting that as of June 30, the average progress of Yantian District's 30 reform projects in 2018 was 63.1%, all faster than the time progress, and the overall reform was advanced in an orderly manner. Du Ling, secretary of the Yantian District Party Committee, Yang Jun, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and acting district head, and other district leaders attended the meeting.(China ocean shipping

The 17th Meeting of the Leading Group for Comprehensive Deepening Reform of Yantian District Committee
The meeting conveyed the spirit of the Deep Reform Committee of the Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Committee, and listened to the supervision report on the progress of reform projects in Yantian District from January to June 2018 and reports on the progress of some key reform projects. Leading units of the five key reform projects, including the District Reform Office, are the status of the Yantian SUC sustainable development urban system and mechanism innovation exploration project, the Yantian District party building staff professional professionalization reform project situation, the Yantian District deepening investment and financing system reform project situation, The situation of the labor service public service reform project in Yantian District and the construction of a new type of community governance and service system, as well as the next steps, were reported.

It is understood that in the first half of this year, Yantian District adhered to the overall planning, comprehensive coordination, overall promotion, and continuous optimization of the five major reform working mechanisms to ensure the steady progress of the reform projects. In the aspect of ecological civilization reform, explore and innovate the SUC sustainable urban system and mechanism. For the first time in the city, carry out a systematic survey and assessment of the carbon sink capacity in the coastal waters, complete the establishment of a mandatory classification of domestic garbage, and realize the intelligentization of garbage reduction classification in the entire region In terms of social supervision and judicial system and mechanism reform, the country's first labor relations public service center was set up to carry out the reform of “Safe and Easy Station” and improve the construction of a standardized system for letters and visits; in the field of people's livelihood In terms of reform, the district library and Sha Tau Kok library were completed, and 100% coverage of the street and community comprehensive cultural service centers was achieved. The first family doctor service hotline was launched in the city, and the first street integrated physical and medical health guidance station was established. To explore a new model of "O2O" community aged care service, and try out the vertical management of the grid staff team; in terms of party building discipline inspection and democratic supervision reform, explore the professional and professional management of the authors of party building professionals in the district, and take the lead in establishing a district district committee smart inspection management system , Innovate the performance mechanism of deputies to the NPC.

“Since this year, Yantian District ’s comprehensive deepening reform has adhered to the problem-oriented approach. Starting from the requirements of higher authorities and the actual conditions of its jurisdiction, it has launched a number of key reform projects that are well-planned, accurate, and practical. The achievements made in the region's reform projects have been fully affirmed. Aiming at the problems existing in the process of reform, Du Ling pointed out that it is necessary to sum up carefully, find out the crux and difficulty of the problems, solve the bottlenecks in the process of reform project promotion, and improve them. It is necessary to strengthen understanding, consolidate responsibilities, compact responsibilities, speed up the reform tasks in the second half of the year, and lay a good foundation for grasping the tasks of reform throughout the year.

To complete the next step of deepening the reform in the whole region, Du Ling requested that we must keep a close watch on our thinking and insist on guiding the reform practice with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech. We must firmly grasp the development opportunities and strengthen our confidence and style. More solid measures to promote comprehensive and deepening reform continue to develop in depth; we must take good coordination, adhere to the overall situation to promote reform, coordinate reform plans, reform pace coordination, and reform effect coordination in key areas and key The focus of the link is to improve the overall efficiency of the reform and promote the mutual complementarity and mutual promotion of various reform measures. It is necessary to ensure good accountability and adhere to the leadership of the district leaders and the department-led hosting system to promote reform and strengthen the supervision and evaluation. The responsible attitude promotes the reform in a more pragmatic manner, so that the main responsibility must be re-implemented, the leadership responsibility must be re-implemented, and the supervision and evaluation must be re-implemented.

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