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Welcome leaders of COSCO Shanghai headquarters to visit Zhongshan and guide the work

Apr 25 2023

  On April 20th, Tu Liwen and Sui Yiheng, Japan line managers of COSCO Shanghai headquarters, visited Zhongshan to guide the work and had in-depth communication with our chairman Hoby Lin. For the subsequent two enterprises to work together, jointly create a solid foundation.

  COSCO Shanghai Headquarters Japan Line Manager Tu said: We has been committed to becoming the world's leading shipping enterprise, continuous implementation of digital transformation, adopt green and low-carbon operation mode, in the global scope to build a complete channel layout and reputation system. We appreciate the professionalism and excellent performance of Shenzhen Haiyuan International Logistics Co.LTD., so we look forward to a closer cooperation in the future.

  HEYE will be fully committed to achieve the goals set this year, and further strengthen the contact and communication with partners, close solidarity, and forge ahead.We look forward to efficient communication and close cooperation with Japan Line of COSCO Shanghai headquarters to jointly achieve the goals we set and strive for a better future. 

  Meanwhile, to efficient communication and close cooperation with them, so as to jointly achieve our goals and create a better future.Last but not least, thank you all the support and trust providing by COSCO SHIPPING as always.And we look forwad to exploring and forging ahead together for a new chapter and sharing success in the new year.


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