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Bulk market prices (10.19-10.25)

Nov 01 2014

Guide: In the past week (10.19-10.25), the freight rate of the convenient bulk carrier Atlantic round-trip route increased slightly by 200 US dollars to 8900 US dollars per day ...
Flexible bulk carrier transport
In the past week (10.19-10.25), the freight rates of the convenient bulk carriers on the Atlantic round-trip route increased slightly by US $ 200 to US $ 8,900 / day, but the market traffic was basically the same as last week; the North Pacific Circle (delivered to China) (North) freight rate rose to 8500-9000 US dollars / day; Southeast Asia's ring road freight rate has also dropped to 7,500 US dollars / day; the market for convenient bulk carrier chartering is deserted, and the market freight rate is not high.
Panama bulk carrier transportation westbound shipping
The Panamax bulk carrier market is expected to continue the current upward trend globally. Whether it is the transatlantic route to Europe or the Pacific Ring Road to Indonesia, there is a large demand for coal transportation, and the steady export of grain from the west coast of the United States is also continuously increasing the shipment of Panamax bulk carriers in the Gulf of America. price. In the Atlantic market, the average daily revenue of Panamax bulk carriers is 10,000 US dollars, and the freight rate of the North Pacific Circle is as high as 13,000 US dollars per day. In the chartering market, the 75,000 dwt Panamax bulk carrier's one-year charter price has risen to $ 10,250 / day, and the market is strongly optimistic.
Cape of Good Hope bulk carrier
The Capesize bulk carrier market continued its strong upward trend last week, with an average daily income of 180,000 dwt Capesize bulk carrier reaching US $ 26,000 / day, a week-on-month increase of nearly 60%. Driven by the large demand for iron ore transportation in Brazil and Western Australia, although there is a considerable amount of capacity to Brazil and Australia, the number of available vessels at the site is rapidly decreasing, and the market freight rate is high. The iron ore freight rate for the Tubarang / Rotterdam route also increased from $ 9.6 / tonne last week to $ 12 / tonne, and the iron ore freight rate at Port Richard / Rotterdam also rose from $ 9 / tonne last week to 11 USD / ton, the market is improving.

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