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Leaders of the Department of Social Development Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China inspect the establishment of the Yantian Innovation Demonstration Zone

Jul 31 2017

On the morning of July 24, 2017, Deng Xiaoming, deputy director of the Department of Social Development and Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, led a team to investigate in Yantian District, and conducted a field inspection on the creation of a sustainable development agenda innovation demonstration zone. Wu Delin, deputy secretary of the Yantian District Party Committee and the mayor, and Lei Weihua and Mo Xiling, the district leaders, accompanied the investigation.

At Yantian International Container Terminal Company, Deng Xiaoming and his party successively inspected the exhibition hall, the control center, and listened to the reports on the coastal power project, the creation of the ecological port and the LNG trailer. It is understood that Yantian has vigorously promoted the construction of green ports, and has built the country's largest capacity ship power system for docks and ships. Reduce emissions of about 28,000 tons of carbon dioxide, about 176 tons of sulfur dioxide, and about 174 tons of nitrogen oxides. Yantian District also innovated and built the nation's first international ecological safe harbor, created 11 ecological safe harbor creation standards, and initially established a district safety prevention and control system.Shipping tracking

Subsequently, Deng Xiaoming and his party came to the Yantian District Waste Waste Recycling Education Base to conduct on-site inspections and understand the waste separation and treatment process. According to reports, Yantian District started the waste reduction classification pilot in 2012. At present, 228 residential districts and villages in the city have comprehensively carried out domestic waste classification. Among them, 43 residential districts have implemented "four classifications" and 185 residential districts have conducted " "Three classifications", took the lead in realizing the three 100% of the public catering waste resource treatment rate, the domestic garbage harmless treatment rate, and the hazardous waste safety treatment rate. This year, Yantian District will also build 10 "nine-classification" demonstration communities, and strive to achieve full coverage of the intelligent model of waste classification. In addition, Yantian also innovated the waste treatment model and created a demonstration project for the catalytic treatment of municipal solid waste, which achieved a reduction of 730 tons of waste treatment each year and produced 73 tons of environmentally friendly building materials. All emission indicators reached EU standards.

During the survey, Deng Xiaoming spoke highly of Yantian District ’s exploration of port ecological safety standardization construction and waste reduction classification, and considered that Yantian ’s waste reduction classification work has been at the forefront of the country, forming a relatively mature system. , Has high reproducibility and promotion value. Deng Xiaoming hopes that Yantian District will continue to summarize and deepen its experience and provide more useful lessons for the construction of innovation demonstration areas. (Dian Xueting, Online Editor, Yantian District Government)

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