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Shenzhen's largest direct sales center for imported goods settled in Yantian, Jingmao City opens on 25th of this month

Oct 10 2015

In the future, citizens will be able to easily purchase high-quality and inexpensive imported goods without leaving the country. The reporter was informed yesterday that after three years of preparations, it was identified by Shenzhen Investment Promotion Agency as Shenzhen Key International Park for Investment Promotion and Shenzhen Investment Promotion Key Park, Shenzhen Jingmao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center (referred to as Jingmao) City) will start trial on the 25th of this month. As a model project for the transformation and upgrading of the Shenzhen Free Trade Zone and the largest direct selling center for imported goods in Shenzhen's single-store operating area, Jingmao City will adopt the "online transaction + offline transaction" O2O method. The first phase will provide citizens with imported wine. Categories, daily necessities, cosmetics, frozen products, seafood, food and other six categories totaled more than 10,000 imported goods, prices will be 15% to 20% cheaper than similar domestic products, and some best-selling products are as much as 50% cheaper.door to door shipping from china
The price of imported goods is 15% -20% cheaper than the same period last year
It is reported that Jingmao City is located at No. 1018, Haijing Second Road, Shatoujiao, Yantian, with a total building of more than 70,000 square meters. It is currently the largest bonded commodity display and trading center in Shenzhen. Different from the traditional retailer city, Jingmao City relies on the linkage between the “internal warehouse” and “outside mall” in the bonded area to build a bonded display and trading platform for imported goods under the “unified supervision platform, unified system platform, and unified tax payment platform”. Limiting the extension function of the international trade industrial chain, this is also a strategic breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of the bonded zone and the results of institutional innovation.
As the only commercial city in Shenzhen that realizes the bonded display and trading of “inside the red line, outside the fence, and front stores and back warehouses”, Jingmao City will become an international business O2O ecological park with “bonded display + cross-border e-commerce + direct sales”. In the future, citizens do not need to travel to Hong Kong or abroad to easily purchase authentic imported goods at reasonable prices in Jingmao City. The prices of these products will be 15% to 20% cheaper than similar domestic products.
Front store back warehouse bonded display trading
The reporter learned that the main building of Jingmao City has a total of 7 floors and 62,900 square meters. The first floor is planned as a direct-import center for direct merchandise purchases-CityWish (city wish) and imported famous product areas. E-commerce park, returnee entrepreneurship park, business office building, etc .; the auxiliary building has a total of 4 floors and 8030 square meters and functions as an international restaurant cultural experience hall. The main and auxiliary buildings are connected by ground and air corridors. It is understood that bonded goods are mainly high-end fashion apparel, shoes and hats, leather goods and cosmetics. At present, thousands of single products in more than a dozen countries and regions have entered the center for display.
Zhou Xuegen, executive deputy general manager of Jingmao City, told reporters that Jingmao City adopts the front store and back warehouse model, which is different from the general commercial retail format. "Front store" refers to Jingmao City, and "back warehouse" refers to the special customs supervision area. bonded warehouse. After a large number of imported goods enter the bonded warehouse after entering the country, as a sophisticated customs demonstration enterprise's imported goods display trading platform, without any tax guarantee (margin or bank guarantee), you can carry out bonded display transactions of imported goods. During the period, domestically sold goods are subject to sales before tax and centralized declaration. Under the concept of "front store and back warehouse", the advantages of trade facilitation in the bonded area will be more prominent. This will create a comprehensive platform for brand ordering, hosting, and joining, and quickly realize the agglomeration effect and market radiation effect of imported goods, and promote international trade. Extension and development of the entire industry chain.
Brands gather to create a new gathering place for public consumption
For ordinary consumers, what they are most concerned about is the quality and price of the goods. How much can they offer? The reporter learned that Jingmao City directly introduces manufacturers or first-level agents to settle in without any intermediate agency links. All the channel costs saved allow customers to benefit, and commodity prices are cheaper than other retailers.
In addition, Jingmao City will also hold more than eight free-area import goods festivals each year, inviting hundreds of international first- and second-tier brands from around the world to gather in Shatoujiao for centralized display transactions. As a result of the direct sales model and discounted store promotions, the price of goods will basically achieve the "same product and same price" in European and American markets. As the eastern Yantian of Shenzhen's tourist center, it will create a new gathering place for citizens.
A series of food benefit events will be held
It is reported that (Jingmao City for short) will open on the 25th of this month. During the period, there will be a series of wonderful activities to benefit the people, including the Chinese and British Food Festival. Grand opening ceremony, three consecutive days of cultural performances; merchandise promotion "welcome the world to welcome you, 10,000 kinds of imported goods welcome guests", a hundred kinds of goods at extremely low prices to benefit customers; gourmet activities "you shop I treat you! ", Free self-serve food, limited to 600 copies per day; opening mystery gift, ready to buy, serial prizes; 2015 Jingmao City · Zhongying Street Shopping Festival, 200 Zhongying Street merchants, more than 20,000 imported goods optional purchase ; Turn around, cut and cut, sweep and scan, buy and buy, and easily become a City wish member. (Reporter Zheng Chuangbin)

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