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2019 Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index released Shanghai ranks fourth among global shipping centers(Shipping Company in China)

Jul 18 2019

Xinhua Finance, July 11th. The 2019 Xinhua Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index was released in Shanghai. Singapore, Hong Kong, and London ranked among the top three global international shipping centers, and Shanghai continued to rank fourth.(Shipping Company in China

       The Xinhua Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index comprehensively reflects the comprehensive development level of international shipping center cities from the three dimensions of port conditions, shipping services and comprehensive environment. In 2019, the top 10 cities in the world in terms of comprehensive strength are Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, Dubai, Rotterdam, Hamburg, New York-New Jersey, Houston, and Athens.

      China's coastal cities have performed prominently in the global shipping center evaluation system. In addition to Shanghai, the top 30 cities in terms of comprehensive strength include Ningbo Zhoushan (13th), Guangzhou (16th), Qingdao (17th), Dalian (20th), Shenzhen (22nd), Tianjin (24th), Kaohsiung (25th) and Xiamen (30th).

Cao Wenzhong, Vice President of Xinhua News Agency, China Economic Information Service

      The 2019 index evaluation results show that shipping centers in emerging Asia-Pacific economies continue to rise: Singapore still maintains a leading level; the gap between Hong Kong and London shipping development levels has gradually narrowed; Shanghai and Dubai are important cities in emerging economies. With the collection and distribution system, the continuous improvement of shipping service capabilities, the driving effect of the free trade zone and the continuous improvement of the business environment, the level of shipping development closely follows that of London, ranking fourth and fifth.

      Xinhua News Agency China Economic Information Service Vice President Cao Wenzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Financial Information Center, Chairman of Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Trading Center Ye Guobiao, and Mark Ma, General Manager of Baltic Exchange China, released the development of Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Center Index; Cai Jun, inspector of Shanghai Transportation Commission, Xiao Yuehua, director of Shanghai Maritime Affairs Bureau, Song Baoru, party secretary of Shanghai Maritime University, Yu Zenggang, deputy general manager and party member of COSCO Shipping Group Co., Ltd., Yu Shicheng, director of Shanghai International Shipping Research Center, International Jin Yongxing, Psychological Director of IMO Asia Maritime Technical Cooperation, witnessed

                Cao Zhanzhong, chief economic analyst and deputy director of the Index Center of the China Economic Information Service Industry and Economy Index, interprets the index

       The Xinhua Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index has been published for six consecutive years since 2014. Comprehensive comparison of the evaluation results from 2014 to 2019 shows that the development of global shipping centers is generally stable, but at the same time, the eastward movement of global shipping centers is also more obvious.

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