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6 people missing after two ships collided in Singapore Strait

Dec 19 2015

On the evening of December 16, local time, a Cayman Islands chemical tanker "Stolt Commitment" (built in 2000) and an Antigua and Barbuda cargo ship "Thorco Cloud" (built in 2004) ) Collision in the Strait of Singapore, leaving 6 missing.
According to the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA), the collision occurred in Indonesian waters, about 6 nautical miles (11 kilometers) northwest of Batam. Among them, the "Thorco Cloud" was carrying 560 tons of fuel on board and sank after the collision. The "Stolt Commitment" hull situation is relatively stable.
It is reported that the Singapore Coast Guard (PCG) deployed five patrol boats to the MPA for rescue, rescued five people from the "Thorco Cloud" ship, and one person was rescued by the "Stolt Commitment" ship. According to sources, there were 12 crew members on the sunk "Thorco Cloud" ship.
According to the MPA, the collision did not cause environmental pollution to the sea area. At present, the rescue work of the remaining crew members is still underway.Shipping agent in China

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