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About the characteristics of rail transport

Jun 30 2021

Rail transport is the main economic artery of the country and one of the logistics transportation methods. Compared with other means of transportation, rail transport has the following characteristics.

(1) The accuracy and continuity of rail transport is strong, and railway transportation is hardly affected by climate, and can be operated regularly, regularly and accurately regardless of day and night throughout the year.

(2) The rail transport speed is relatively fast. The railway freight speed can reach hundreds of kilometers per day and night, and the general truck can reach about 100 kilometers per hour, which is much higher than sea transportation.

(3) To form a car group, the transportation volume is relatively large. The locomotives used for railway transportation have strong traction and are suitable for operation in a group of cars. According to the theory of traffic flow, if there are n vehicles forming a vehicle group, the route capacity can be increased many times. Therefore, although the formation is time-consuming, it has a larger transportation energy. A freight train on the railway can generally transport 3,000-5,000 tons of cargo, which is much higher than air transportation and automobile transportation.

(4) Power electrification, energy economy, and low transportation cost. rail transport tracks will be fixed after completion. Tram lines will be erected along the lines without technical difficulties. They are suitable for power supply of locomotives with external electricity, so the construction cost is very high. High, but conducive to saving energy supply and reducing environmental pollution. Railroad vehicles run on the track, the contact area is small, the wheel-rail rigidity is strong, and the running resistance encountered is very small, so the same traction power consumes the least energy. rail transport applicator is one-tenth to one-tenth of the cost of automobile transportation; transportation fuel consumption is about 1/20 of automobile transportation.

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