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cheap air shipping from china export operation process

Nov 23 2020

cheap air shipping from china export operation process

       1. cheap air shipping from china accepts the consignor's entrustment to reserve the shipping space. Obtain the necessary export documents from the consignor; arrange transportation to pick up the goods or deliver the goods to the designated place by the consignor, and check the documents carefully.

        2. Customs declaration
       (1) Cheap air shipping from China customs declaration documents are generally: commercial invoices, packing lists, commodity inspection certificates, export goods declaration forms, and some commodities require animal and plant quarantine certificates or certificates of origin, export foreign exchange verification forms, export contracts, etc. .
   (2) After the goods are inspected and accepted by the customs, the air waybill is prepared after stamping the acceptance seal on the customs declaration.

(3) Order the goods accompanying documents provided by the consignee at the back of the waybill; if it is a centralized consignment, make a centralized consignment list, and put the list, all house waybills and accompanying documents into a letter bag, and place it at the back of the waybill .

  (4) Paste the made waybill label on each piece of cargo. If the goods are consigned collectively, there must also be a house waybill label.

  (5) Bring the completed air waybill to the customs for clearance.

  (6) The waybill with the customs clearance seal and the goods shall be delivered to the airline together. The airline shall check the receipt of the goods and sign the receipt.

  (7) Cheap air shipping from china centralized consignment of goods. The content of the foreign agent that needs to be notified by telex: flight number, waybill number, product name, number of pieces, gross weight, consignee, etc.
3. The connection of export transportation between the port foreign transport company and the mainland company:

   (1) The mainland company informs the port company in advance of the product name, number of pieces, gross weight and time requirements of the goods to be shipped, and prepares a house waybill, and sends it together with other documents or sends it to the port company with the goods.

   (2) Mainland companies deliver the goods to the port at the specified time and place.

  (3) The port company has designated personnel to take over the goods delivered by the mainland company.

  (4) The port company is responsible for booking with airlines; notifying the mainland company of the flight number, waybill number or master air waybill number, the mainland company will mark the flight number and waybill number on the house air waybill. Submit the house waybill to the shipper for foreign exchange settlement.

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