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Cheap Air Shipping From China Some things to pay attention to when shipping by air

Oct 25 2020

Cheap Air Shipping From China Some things to pay attention to

First, the requirements for the transportation of several special items:

1. Living animals and plants (or animal and plant products). The animal and plant quarantine certificate issued by the animal and plant quarantine station is required. Note: China Southern Airlines emergency warehouse does not accept live animals and plants. They should be delivered to the cargo desk and China Southern Airlines will bill.

2. Narcotics. Requires a narcotic transport certificate issued by the Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health.

3. Audiovisual products. A certificate of delivery of audio-visual products issued by the Office of Provincial Social and Cultural Management Committee is required.

4. Canned liquid and powdery items. Proof of the nature of the article from the manufacturer is required.

5. Seafood. Different places need different seafood crates. China Southern Airlines and Baiyun Airport have to use their designated special boxes. Foam boxes alone cannot be installed on the machine, and cartons and straps must be added.

6. The glass must be ordered in a closed wooden box and a tripod.

7. Prohibited goods. Explosives (such as explosives), compressed gas and hydraulic gas (such as gas), flammable and explosive liquids or solids, oxidizers and organic peroxides (table tennis), drugs and infectious materials (such as white powder), radioactive materials, corrosion Products (such as sulfuric acid), magnetic objects, narcotics, batteries, etc.;

Second, the calculation of cargo weight

1. The weight of the goods is calculated according to the gross weight: the mantissa of the weight less than 1 kg shall be rounded up. When the cargo weight of each Cheap Air Shipping From China waybill is less than 1 kg, it will be calculated as 1 kg. Valuables are calculated based on the actual gross weight, and the unit of calculation is 0.1 kg.

2. Cargo foam weight calculation: Light foam cargoes with a volume of more than 6000 cubic centimeters per kilogram. The weight of light foam cargo is equivalent to 1 kilogram per 6000 cubic centimeters.

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