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China Door to Door Shipping

Aug 18 2022

Nowadays, COVID 19 more or less affects the security of deliverables and the arrival time, so what are the best shipping and freight options? In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about China door to door shipping services, as well as the advantages of shipping your goods directly from China to your doorstep.

What is the door to door shipping from China?

China door to door shipping is a freight forwarder's service to deliver goods from China to the world. The form of transportation includes various shipping services, such as door to door delivery, airport pick-up & drop-off service, and so on.

China forwarder picks up the container with goods or cargo, delivers it to the port, and completes all the necessary paperwork. Then, the cargo is handled and handed over to the carrier for transport to the port of destination, where the freight forwarder receives it and eventually delivers it to the shipper's address.

This is the whole process of door to door delivery because the freight forwarder is responsible for the cargo pick-up, documentation, transportation, and delivery of the goods from the beginning to the end of the value chain. As mentioned above, the door to door shipping from China also involves trucking or courier services for the final delivery of the goods to the delivery point.

How about each step of China door to door shipping?

Before choosing the door to door shipping from China, you need to understand and be familiar with the whole transportation process. It will help you identify to which shipping stage the transportation is carried out. Let's briefly explain how each stage of the door to door shipping in China works roughly.

Step 1: Confirm shipping cost and shipping method with the freight forwarder
Step 2: Pick up goods from the factory/supplier and ship them to the warehouse in China
Step 3: Check the packaging and labeling to make sure it meets the shipping requirements
Step 4: China customs clearance and export declaration
Step 5: Origin processing fees and services
Step 6: Handling at loading port/airport
Step 7: Shipping method (ocean freight/air freight/rail freight/truck freight, etc.)
Step 8: Customs clearance on arrival
Step 9: Delivery to Door

What are the benefits of China door to door shipping?

Operational efficiency

The lower workload is an outstanding advantage. Door to door shipping from China means you don't need to waste effort or resources on the fulfillment process. Instead, you can spend your time on marketing strategies, developing your core business, product development, etc.

Easier to manage

In the case of China door to door shipping, you only need to stay in touch with the China forwarder. And you can easily manage the whole process and follow up on it from time to time. Also, China door to door shipping service does not mean you must spend the costs incurred at each stage of the process - it is all affordable.


Hopefully, you can get answers to all your questions about door to door shipping from China from this article. Since your freight forwarder will be responsible for most of your shipments, you must choose a reliable China forwarder you can trust to deliver your goods. So, contact us today! HaiYuan is a valuable partner - let us manage your door to door shipping from China to your destination in a professional manner!

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