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China's 18 measures to optimize the port's business environment

Apr 04 2018

According to the news, the State Ports Office together with the relevant departments of the port management recently announced the "Measures to Enhance the Level of Facilitation of Cross-Border Trade in China (Trial)" and put forward a total of 18 measures to further optimize the port's business environment and improve China's cross-border business environment. Level of international trade facilitation.

In these measures, in reducing port charges, the port inspection and inspection service fees will be regulated and reduced. Establish a bidding system for port service enterprises and gradually introduce competitive enterprises. Expand the scope of government procurement and credit acceptance of various cross-border trade and logistics service industries, and import and export enterprises should independently choose cross-border trade service agencies, prohibiting the use of administrative power or monopoly status to designate services, compulsory services and charging, and charging only non-service; At the same time, unreasonable charges were imposed on the management of port operation and service enterprises. Further conduct charge inspections. The competent price authority at the port location shall regulate the unreasonable charges of port operating service companies that reflect strong enterprises, investigate and deal with various types of illegal and illegal charges in accordance with the law; continue to implement the exemption from inspection and have no problems. Pilot work for shifting storage costs. On the basis of the previous work, continue to summarize experiences, do a good job of pilots, and reduce the burden on foreign trade enterprises. In addition, a port fee publicity system will be established, requiring each locality to develop a list of local port fee catalogs and unify it to the public through a "single window". No fees outside the list shall be charged.

In terms of simplifying the documentation procedures, the main measures are to realize the electronic transfer of shipping container cargo equipment delivery orders and port pick-up information, promote the electronicization of import and export logistics information, simplify the application for automatic import licenses, and improve the paperless format standard of the accompanying documents. 7. Applying electronic entrusted agency to replace paper customs declaration and inspection commission agreement, simplifying the work process of import exemption from CCC certification, and simplifying the process of exporting the certificate of origin.

In terms of optimizing the customs clearance process, the introduction of the cancellation of the bill of lading exchange order, the acceleration of the "serial" and "parallel" implementation of customs inspections and declarations, the promotion of the guarantee system, the deepening of the "single window" construction of international trade, and the promotion of one-time joint inspections across departments 5 measures.

It is understood that relevant port management departments have promoted the import and export process in the past few years. The port clearance efficiency has been greatly improved, but there is still a large gap between the strong trading countries and the degree of trade facilitation needs to continue to increase. The measures this time aimed to further reduce the time and cost of the import and export process by optimizing customs clearance procedures, simplifying document procedures, reducing port charges, and establishing and improving management mechanisms. shipping to china cost

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