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China's logistics industry prosperity index in August 2019 was 50.9%(China shipping)

Sep 03 2019

The China Logistics and Purchasing Federation announced in August 2019 that China's logistics industry prosperity index was 50.9%, a decrease of 0.2 percentage point from the previous month; China's warehousing index was 54.3%, an increase of 4.5 percentage points from the previous month.(China shipping)

He Hui, China Logistics Information Center believes that in August, the prosperity index of the logistics industry declined cyclically, but remained above 50%. From a regional perspective, the eastern region has declined significantly due to various factors such as climate, but it is still in the expansion zone; the central and western regions have rebounded slightly. In terms of varieties, driven by summer consumption, food, clothing, home appliances, and daily necessities related to people's livelihood continued to rise. It is expected that as the industry peak season approaches, the logistics industry will gradually enter a stage of stabilization and recovery.
The index of new orders rebounded, and the market demand increased. In August, the new orders index was 50.7%, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from the previous month, indicating that the peak season of traditional production and construction is approaching, and the logistics demand of upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain has further increased.
The average inventory index rose and the inventory turnover index fell. In August, the average inventory index was 50.3%, an increase of 1.2 percentage points from the previous month, reflecting the impact of holiday factors. Production companies related to people's livelihoods increased production and logistics-related warehousing business increased; the inventory turnover index was 48.4%. Compared with the previous month, it was 0.4 percentage point lower. From a regional perspective, the decline in the eastern region was obvious. Because of severe weather factors such as typhoons, which have a greater impact on transportation operations, the inventory turnover efficiency in circulation has been reduced.
Employee index rebounded, and the logistics employment situation was stable. In August, the employment index rebounded by 1.3 percentage points to 50%, ending the index's contraction in 4 consecutive months. It shows that the overall employment situation in the logistics industry is stable.
From the perspective of later trends, the new order index and business activity expectation index are located at 50.7% and 58.8%, respectively, indicating that as the demand base for logistics operations is further consolidated, logistics business activities will continue to trend smoothly.

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