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Concentrated shipments before the holiday, forwarders beware of these "pits"(Freight forwarder in China)

Sep 25 2017

Ten more days will be the National Day! National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival have a full eight-day holiday this year! eight days! I ’m so excited!(Freight forwarder in China)

However, as a freight forwarder, how can you abandon your work because of the holiday! The shipments are concentrated before the holiday. There are a few minefields to pay attention to. Don't step on the pit carefully.

The berth space is full

Reservations are scheduled. Important things are said three times. Shipping companies generally accept bookings 2 weeks in advance. Only the actual goods will be left out, and the ones that are still in production must be estimated according to the production speed of the goods and the shipping time must be booked in advance. However, there must be a certain basis for virtual booking. Do not rush for space in order to grab space. In the end, you must pay the cancellation fee if there is no shipment.

The consignor changes a lot and the delivery is late

The shipper often asks to change this and change it at the critical moment of leaving the goods, which causes a lot of trouble for smooth shipment. Before the holiday, we must give the consignor a good shot. Everything is done carefully, everything is strict, everything is early, and changes are small.

Truck scheduling is difficult

 If you are on vacation, the driver will also be on vacation. A car that is hard to find is especially prominent before the holiday. Even if they can be contacted, sometimes they have too much time to drag the counter but not the time to deliver the counter, and the delivery deadline has passed. It is necessary to book in advance and reserve sufficient port closure time.

Out of stock

The most tragic thing is that the cabin is available, the goods are ready, the car is available, the cabinet ... It is possible to drag the cabinet or designate the cabinet as soon as possible. It seems that there is no other way.

Slow customs clearance

Get together and ship before the holiday, get together to declare, if there is a mistake, you can't get away. Not much to say about this, everyone has experienced it.

Various document error information

The more critical I am, the less panic it can be. Important documents such as letters of credit and bills of lading must be carefully checked to prevent omission of incorrect information, which will affect boarding and delivery.

In addition, emergency contact information of the consignor, shipping company and related departments, as well as emergency plans such as warehouse outages and other emergency plans, should be reserved for emergency needs. Once the cargo is on board, it must be tracked at all times to ensure smooth arrival at the destination.

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