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Controversy under a national standard: what is the national standard for express tricycles

Apr 23 2016

Guide: Since Shenzhen launched the special rectification action of "Motorcycle and Electricity Limitation", the technical standards and right of way issues of electric bicycles and express tricycles have become the focus of public opinion.
Since Shenzhen launched the special rectification action of “Motor-Limiting and Limiting Electricity”, the technical standards and right-of-way issues of electric bicycles and express tricycles have become the focus of public opinion. On April 8, the State Post Bureau issued the Consultation Draft for Technical Standards for Courier Tricycles (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), but the "Opinions" instead of calming public opinion on the vetting of electric vehicle regulations, they became a suspension The sword of Damocles on the insiders and courier companies.shipping cost from china

I did not explode in silence, but diluted the industry's rights and interests in silence. As a result, some big names of electric vehicle manufacturers and express delivery companies have recently gathered under the organization of this newspaper to express their views on the terms in the Opinions. The editors will sort out the focal points of the debate among the big brothers, to show that we do not want to be a silent majority. At the same time, we also hope that relevant departments can see the true voice of the enterprise, and can "open the door to set rules" .

Enterprise voice one: 15km / h is really too slow!

The big brother said: In Beijing, a delivery brother delivered about 120 pieces a day, which can be delivered twice a day, but this is based on the speed of 25km / h to 30km / h. If the express tricycle speed is changed to 15km / h in the future, it will inevitably fail to meet the normal delivery requirements of express delivery enterprises.

The big brother said: The speed of 15km / h cannot effectively divert traffic. A large number of express tricycles will slowly drive on the road, which will "add traffic jam" to the road!

The big guy said: According to our understanding, for example, in Taiwan, there are already places that have a standard. The speed should be about 25 to 30 kilometers per hour. We also recommend that the speed is between 25 and 30 kilometers per hour because people walk 5 kilometers per hour. , Cycling by 15 to 18 kilometers, if this speed is really set to 15 kilometers, we all say that the last mile breaks the road, this last mile will definitely be greatly discounted,

Enterprise Voice 2: Is Lithium Battery the Best Choice?

The big brother said: The United States uses a large proportion of lead-acid batteries in electric vehicles, as well as four-wheel-speed. We use lithium batteries for a car with a speed of 15 kilometers per hour, which is advanced enough.

The big brother said: Lithium batteries have instability, and there may be a risk of battery explosion in the use of high-frequency special vehicles. At present, Tesla uses lithium batteries better, but among their total sales of more than 100,000, there are still 100-200 car battery explosions.

The big brother said: In fact, the technology of lead-acid batteries is very mature. Existing companies can use chemical methods to convert waste lead-acid batteries into lead powder that can be used directly, resulting in a lead recycling rate of 99% and reducing emissions of soot, wastewater, and exhaust gas. Can achieve environmental protection and economy. And the lead-acid battery recycling system is the most complete of all the batteries. Anyone with a battery car knows that used batteries can be recycled and sold, or that new batteries can be bought at a price of "old for new". Does the lithium battery have such a perfect recycling mechanism?

Corporate voice three: Is aluminum the best material?

The big brother said: The cost of aluminum alloy is too high, and it is not economical to use it for electric vehicles.

The big brother said: Is it possible to reduce the material of the cabinet only by aluminum alloy? In fact, we still find a lot of new materials with higher cost performance than aluminum alloys. If the national standard mandates the use of aluminum alloy materials, then it will curb the market's drive to explore new materials, which may cause a huge waste of resources.

Enterprise Voice Four: How small can the car be?

The big brother said: According to the size of the carriage given in the "Opinions", the volume of the carriage of our express tricycle will be one third smaller than the current one. In this case, the amount of express delivery we deliver every day will definitely be affected.

The big brother said: 80% of the goods currently used for the last mile distribution are Taobao throwing goods. The volume of these goods is relatively large, but the weight is light, so the volume of the box is more suitable.

Corporate voice five: The cost of conforming vehicles is too high to afford!

According to estimates in the "Opinions", the cost of express tricycles that meet the standards will increase by 4,000 yuan, and the cost-increasing components are mainly battery and compartment materials.

The big brother said: The cost of the vehicles in the national standard solicitation is too high. Do you consider the economic affordability of the "courier brother" and "courier company"? Does the vehicle produced by the manufacturer still have a market? It is recommended not to make the cost of the vehicle too high, after all, the electric three-way vehicle is used as a "last mile" means of transportation with a low cost, environmental protection and convenient identity.

The big brother said: From a technical point of view, it is possible to meet the national standard requirements, but the increased cost of express delivery companies and express brothers must pay. But after all, we are still developing countries, can such high costs be affordable?

The big guy said: There are about one million national express vehicles, not counting the increase, and all of them will be replaced with "national standard" vehicles, which will require a total investment of 6 billion. No more than a billion, how to pay for "upgrade"?

Enterprise Voice Six: When can I give legal rights to express tricycles?

At present, the road designs in many cities are motorized lanes and non-motorized lanes. There are no lanes dedicated to powering motor vehicles. Therefore, many electric bicycles and courier tricycles are chasing on motorized lanes and non-motorized lanes. People, but entrepreneurs sincerely hope that when the relevant departments formulate technical standards for express tricycles, they will also be able to take advantage of their legitimate right of way.

The big brother said: Does the express tricycle have a national standard means that it can be on the road? The answer is uncertain. Because motorcycles actually have national standards, but in places such as Shenzhen, motorcycles have no place to live. Therefore, the problem of express tricycles is not only a matter of formulating a national standard, but also the need for various local governments to seriously study the issue of express tricycles, so that express tricycles really have a way to go.

The big brother said: "Why Guangzhou?" Because there are no non-motorized lanes in Guangzhou, there is no way for express tricycles to go, but it is not possible to block express tricycles because there is no way to go. Guangzhou is still repairing green roads on a large scale, so why ca n’t we repair an electric vehicle? "Quasi-motorway"? Express tricycles need a way to go!

Regardless of the technical standards of express tricycles or their legal right of way, the industry's rights and interests have always been fought by industry people themselves. When a national standard can no longer meet the development needs of the industry, relevant companies and industry experts can only strive to break the silence. Actively fight for your own legitimate rights and interests!

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