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Cost competition rebounds: global container shipping capacity increases sharply(China shipping)

Nov 14 2017

The data in the "Global Container Ship Single Vessel Capacity Statistics" report released a few days ago showed that on November 6, the global container ship single vessel capacity was 3,548,327,698 TEU / ship or 43,582.15929 TDW / ship.(China shipping)

  The above data experienced a plunge in early September 2017, and after rising again in October, November continued to perform the trend of opening the door. The analysis believes that the emergence of the above-mentioned trend may mean the fact that as the trade volume continues to expand, the global container shipping enterprise confidence index continues to rise, and individual capable transportation companies are seeking to re-enable large-scale shipping to reduce costs. In the future, as the world economy and international trade continue to pick up, large global container ships will be increasingly put on the market. Cost competition in the container shipping market is rebounding.(China shipping)

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