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Customs clearance only needs "one inspection"

Oct 18 2014

Huanggang Customs recently launched a new "three one" customs clearance operation mode. "Three Ones" is a new model of "one declaration, one inspection, one release" jointly launched by the customs and the entry-exit inspection and quarantine department. After the full implementation of this model, enterprises can save almost half of customs clearance time and inspection parcel shipping to china
Container trucks drank "tofu soup"
On the morning of October 15, a two-place brand container truck loaded with one container of heavy goods entered from the Huanggang Port cargo aisle. This was the first container truck to experience the convenient inspection of the "three one" customs clearance mode of Huanggang Customs.
The cargo carried by this container truck was a liquid crystal polymer plastic pellet / LCP imported by a Shenzhen-based technology company in a general trade manner, totaling 6 tons, and the value of the cargo was more than $ 6,000. Before entering the Huanggang Customs Yard, the enterprise has completed the entry of inspection and declaration information through the online declaration platform.
After the container truck entered the customs inspection site, the customs officer immediately notified the inspection and quarantine personnel to come to the inspection station together. Carry out joint inspection of container trucks in accordance with relevant operating procedures and requirements. After the vehicle shape inspection, body inspection, unpacking, unpacking, sampling inspection and other steps, the entire inspection process took just over half an hour.
With the signing of the names by the personnel of both parties, Huanggang Customs and Huanggang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau successfully completed the first joint inspection after signing the "three one" cooperation memorandum.
Save half time
It is understood that the "three ones" means that the customs and the entry-exit inspection and quarantine department shall implement "one declaration, one inspection, and one release" on the import and export goods.

"One-time declaration" means that the enterprise only needs to make one entry in the pre-entry link, and transmits it to the customs and inspection and quarantine departments respectively, and completes the inspection and declaration, which greatly simplifies the declaration procedures. "One inspection" means that when both the customs and inspection parties need to inspect the goods or take samples, both parties conduct inspections, inspections and quarantines together, which not only improves the operation efficiency but also facilitates the owner. "One-time release" means that for the goods arriving at the port, the customs clearance information is sent separately, and the enterprise handles the cargo removal and clearance procedures based on the clearance information of the customs clearance.
Under this model, the enterprise's declaration data items are integrated from the original 169 parties to the customs inspection to 92 items. By entering the customs inspection declaration data at one time, the enterprise can complete the inspection and declaration separately, which can reduce about 30% of repeated inspection declarations Save time by 30% for the project and application. In addition, under the "one inspection" mode, both parties of the inspection and inspection shall simultaneously carry out inspection operations in accordance with the principles of "one arrival and one unpacking" in accordance with their respective inspection regulations, which can significantly reduce the waiting time for the container to stay at the inspection site and save manpower , Time and cost costs, to avoid repeated disassembly and handling of goods, improve the efficiency of customs clearance of goods, waiting for inspection can save more than 50%. (Jiang Xin)

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