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Customs launches "Blue Sky 2018" special campaign against "foreign garbage"(Supply Chain in China)

Mar 07 2018

The General Administration of Customs revealed today that from March to December this year, the National Customs Organization launched a special campaign to combat "foreign garbage" smuggling and "Blue Sky 2018", which will highlight the crackdown on imported waste prohibited by the country.(Supply Chain in China)
It is understood that the General Administration of Customs deployed this operation to focus on cracking down on illegal activities such as falsely concealing the name of the product, concealing it, etc., and smuggling smuggled “foreign garbage” through sea and land borders without customs clearance. In order to strictly implement the "Implementation Plan for Prohibiting the Importation of Solid Waste from the Promotion of the Management System of Solid Waste Imports" in a comprehensive and swift manner, special actions focused on combating smuggled wastes prohibited by the country, mainly the wastes listed in the "Prohibition of Importing Solid Waste Catalogue" Newly adjusted 24 solid wastes of 4 categories included in the Catalogue of Prohibited Imports of Solid Wastes, mainly involving waste plastics from living sources (8 varieties), unsorted waste paper (1 variety), waste textile raw materials ( 11 varieties), vanadium slag (4 varieties).
Zhang Guangzhi, spokesman of the General Administration of Customs, said that through concentrated and special crackdowns, he will fully investigate a large number of waste smuggling cases, eliminate a group of waste smuggling gangs, cut off a group of waste smuggling channels and chains, and resolutely intercept "foreign garbage" at the national level. Outside. During the operation, the customs will also promote comprehensive anti-smuggling comprehensive management work with relevant localities and departments. Under the coordination of local governments, strengthen cooperation with environmental protection, quality inspection and other relevant law enforcement agencies, strict import of solid waste and follow-up supervision. License-free, illegally operated, stored "foreign garbage" shops, dens, centralized cleaning up and rectification.
Since this year, the anti-smuggling department of the customs across the country has actively strengthened rolling investigations of case clues, in-depth operations, expansion of line investigations, concentration of superior forces, and heavy blows. On February 3, the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs organized the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of the Guangdong Branch, and the Shenzhen, Tianjin, Harbin, and Qingdao Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau launched the first round of centralized operations to combat waste smuggling. As of February 27, the national customs had seized 69 criminal cases of smuggling waste this year, and verified that more than 50,000 tons of waste were involved.

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