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Customs provides intellectual property protection for enterprises(Logistics provider in China)

Sep 07 2017

(Reporter Luo Lan) From September 1st, China's Customs will launch a three-month special intellectual property protection operation for export-leading enterprises with intellectual property rights under the code name "Dragon". On August 22, the General Administration of Customs introduced the “Long Teng” action work plan to more than 150 representatives of “Long Teng” key enterprises in Qingdao and provided targeted training on how to cooperate with the customs to protect and enforce intellectual property rights.(Logistics provider in China)

In the "Long Teng" operation, the national customs will mainly export enterprises to countries and regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America; the main traditional advantages such as small household appliances, mobile phone electronics, construction machinery, daily necessities, festival products, and specialty goods Product-based, carry out special law enforcement, and assist enterprises to safeguard their rights.

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