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Find the Best China Freight Forwarder in 2022

Mar 28 2022

For a period of time, international trade has played an important role in the process of economic globalization, supporting the world's continuous development and growing prosperity. From small foodstuffs and daily necessities to large machines and vehicles, almost all kinds of products can be found in major international shipping routes. As we have seen, since the outbreak of the COVID-19, it is easy to see the global impact of the trade slowdown - Most simply, it is difficult, or even impossible, to get what we need or love from overseas in a timely manner.

As one of the important exporting countries, many products are produced from China and sold all over the world. Therefore, working with a reliable and trustworthy shipping company in China is very important for both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. So what are the characteristics of a premium-quality China freight company?
Ocean Freight  

All-round & Hassle-free Services 

The freight forwarder is an intermediary between the shipping company and the final destination of the goods, offering a wide range of services and transport modes according to the requirement of the customer, including ocean freight, air freight, rail freight, express service, inland transport, and so on. With rich logistic resources, freight forwarders negotiate the best available prices with their carriers and business partners - airfreight specialists, trucking companies, transoceanic routes, etc. 

Professional China freight companies tend to sign long-term contracts with well-known logistics and transportation companies in the industry, with a large number of deliveries per year, allowing them to obtain competitive quotes in the market. In addition, they are clear that deadlines are so important in business activities. As a result, they only work with credible and dependable carriers to ensure that your goods are delivered in time, safely every time.

Fast & Efficient Freight Forwarder in China

Reading this, I guess you have a comprehensive understanding of a superior freight forwarder agency company. If you're still struggling to find the best China freight forwarder to keep your international logistics flowing smoothly and stress-free, HaiYuan is the best option for you.

Professional Team 

HaiYuan has a group of senior professionals with rich experience in international cargo transportation.
  • Multi-to-one services and perfect process management ensure everything is right, avoiding risks and reducing logistics costs.
  • The system is tracked in real-time, and the whole process is insured with cargo transportation liability insurance so that customers can rest assured.

Through an efficiently operating system and a well-developed agency network, we guarantee a high level of operation and quality of service, which makes us stand out in the freight forwarding industry where competition is unprecedented.

Experienced in Logistics

Since 2008, HaiYuan has been committed to providing high-quality international cargo transportation agency services. We design efficient and economical logistics solutions for our customers according to their actual needs, cargo characteristics, and specific information of the routes. Our services cover all aspects of international freight forwarding, such as booking, cargo transportation, warehousing, FBA, loading and unloading, insurance agency, customs declaration, inspection, etc. 

 As a is a one-stop global logistics solution provider and experienced China freight forwarder, HaiYuan always offers a full series of services, managing the whole process seamlessly. We evaluate different quotes, choose the better route, optimize speed, cost, reliability, and consider more possible variables to analyze each case. From booking to pick-up, delivery to customs and documentation, you don't have to worry about anything! 

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