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Full set of documents for container import and export

Sep 23 2014

1. Documents provided by the cargo owner:
      1. Export power of attorney
2. List of export goods
3. Packing List (PACKING LIST) / Packing List (PACKING LIST)
4. Invoice (INVOICE) / Invoice (INVOICE)
5. Export license
6. Export foreign exchange receipt verification form, tax refund form
7. Customs declaration manual
2. Documents responsible for freight forwarding:
1. Ten export orders:
The first joint: container cargo consignment note (maintenance of the owner) (B / N)
The second joint: container cargo consignment note (reserved on behalf of the ship)
Third Group: Freight Notice (1)
The fourth unit: freight notice (2)
Fifth: Station Receipt (Loading Order) (S / O)
Fifth copy: application for payment of port charges for export goods
Sixth United: First Assistant (copies of station receipts)
Seventh: Station Receipt (D / R)
Eighth: freight forwarding
The ninth joint: Cabin return (1)
Tenth: Cabin Return (2)
2. Bill of lading (original / copy) (B / L ORIGINAL / COPY) / bill of lading
①Bill of lading (HOUSE B / L)
② General Bill of Lading (OCEAN B / L)
3. Sea Waybill (SEA WAYBILL)
4. Customs declaration documents for export goods:
① Necessary documents:
Declaration Form Foreign Exchange Verification Form Agent Declaration Form Packing List Invoice Contract Contract Copy of Letter of Credit
②Other documents:
Export License Exemption Manual Commodity Inspection Certificate Certificate of Origin, etc.
5. Goods declaration list
6. Notification of entry
7. Pre-arrangement list
8, Packing List (CLP)
9. Container distribution / equipment transfer order entry / exit (EIR IN / OUT)shipping cargo from china 

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