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Full set of documents for container import and export

Sep 13 2014

I. Documents provided by the owner:
1. Export Power of Attorney
2, export goods list
3, packing list (PACKING LIST) / packing list (PACKING LIST)
4.Invoice / INVOICE
5.Export license
6. Verification of export receipts and tax refund
7.Customs Declaration Manual
2. Documents responsible for freight forwarding:
1, export ten-link list:
First couplet: container cargo consignment note (consignor keeps the bottom) (B / N)
Second Union: Consignment note for container cargo
Third Unit: Freight Notification (1)
Part IV: Freight Notice (2)
Fifth Union: Station Receipt (Loading List) (S / O)
Copies of the fifth copy: Application for payment of port charges for export goods
United Sixth: First Mate (copy of station receipt)
The Seventh Alliance: Station Receipt (D / R)
Eighth Union: Freight Forwarding
Ninth Coupling: Return Ticket (1)
Tenth Coupling: Return Ticket (2)
2, bill of lading (original / copy) (B / L ORIGINAL / COPY) / bill of lading
①Bill of Lading (HOUSE B / L)
② Master Bill of Lading (OCEAN B / L)
3. Sea Waybill
4. Export cargo declaration document: container rates from china
① Necessary documents:
Declaration Form Foreign Exchange Verification Form Agent Declaration Power of Attorney Packing List Invoice Contract L / C Copy
②Other documents:
Export license Duty-free manual Commodity inspection certificate Certificate of origin, etc.
5.Cargo declaration list
6, cabin notice
7. Pre-allocation list
8. Packing list (CLP)
9. Container issuance / equipment transfer order entry / exit (EIR IN / OUT)

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