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General case of terms in shipping

Aug 10 2021

1. "Sinotrans New York Express" in this "Contract of Transportation" refers to Sinotrans-DHL International Air Express Co., Ltd. (a joint venture company of DHL and Sinotrans & CSC in China), a wholly-owned subsidiary Sinotrans Express Its subsidiary, hereinafter referred to as "New York Sinotrans Quanyi Express", is a service organization authorized by the owner of the "APEX" trademark to use the "APEX" or "Quanyi" trademark.
2. New York Sinotrans Quanyi Express is engaged in express delivery services, and the delivered items must be handled in accordance with this contract, and the entire delivery process must comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant countries. Sinotrans New York Quanyi Express reserves the right to refuse to deliver any goods for any person or organization.
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