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Guangxi promotes integrated development of Beiqin defense and builds seven hundred billion-dollar port industrial clusters

Sep 19 2019

As one of the earliest open coastal areas in China, Beihai, Guangxi, Qinzhou, and Fangchenggang (hereinafter referred to as "Northern Qinfang") are the frontiers of ASEAN open cooperation and the most convenient access to the west. Beiqin Defense, which is connected in space, is on the road to integrated development.

The Guangxi government recently issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Integration of North Qin and Defense and High-level Opening and High-Quality Development" and the "Development Plan for North Qin and Defense Integration in the Northwest Gulf Economic Zone of Guangxi (2019-2025)" (referred to as "Plan"), Clarify the overall requirements, goals, tasks and major measures for advancing the integration of Beiqin defense.

According to the Plan, the three places will form an integrated modern port industry system. Beihai focuses on the development of fine chemicals, new materials, and new-generation information technology; Qinzhou focuses on the development of petrochemicals, forest pulp and paper, and advanced equipment manufacturing; Fangchenggang focuses on the development of non-ferrous metal deep processing, new energy, and grain and oil processing industries.

The three places will work together to create three 300 billion (RMB, the same below) industrial clusters such as electronic information, petrochemicals, metallurgy and non-ferrous metals, two 200 billion industrial clusters such as food processing, forest pulp and paper, and energy and advanced equipment manufacturing Wait for two 100 billion-level industrial clusters.

16 The 1,629-kilometer coastline runs through the North Qin Defense, and complements and complements each other to develop the modern port industry, while preventing and controlling the ecological environment, and building a coastal ecological barrier. It has become the consensus of the three places. A few days ago, a reporter visited Beiqinfang and found that the construction of a modern port industrial system has achieved initial results.

At the site of the Huike Electronics Beihai Industrial New City project, buildings are breaking out. "The project investment is about 54 billion yuan, and 4 sub-projects such as mobile smart terminals and smart TVs are planned and constructed." He Yong, director of operations of Guangxi Huike Precision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said that after the first phase of the project reaches 120 million smart phones and 3000 The production capacity of 10,000 smart TVs is expected to add 2 billion yuan to the industry in Beihai.

This is just one of the epitome of the development of Beihai's electronic information industry. Over 200 companies including Jingdong Group and JJ World have settled in China Electronics Beibu Gulf Information Port in Beihai City, forming the largest software and information service industry cluster in Guangxi. According to Chen Xun, deputy mayor of Beihai City, the three major industries of the city's electronic information, petrochemical and Lingang new materials are accelerating into a 100 billion yuan industry.

的 The Qinzhou Petrochemical Industrial Park, which specializes in the petrochemical industry, is under construction. Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. assistant general manager Liang Quanyong introduced that the project has introduced Praxair, Fubao, Suez and other Fortune 500 companies.

"At present, the park has settled in nearly 30 petrochemical production enterprises. In 2018, the park achieved a total industrial output value of about 53 billion yuan." Long Xianfu, deputy director of Qinzhou Petrochemical Industry Development Bureau, said that the park requires enterprises to introduce the most Advanced environmental protection equipment to ensure environmental protection standards. "Although there are more than 20 chemical companies above the scale in the park, what we see here are blue sky and white clouds, green water and green mountains."

China's only Fangcheng Port, which is connected with the ASEAN land and sea, is promoting the high-quality development of the steel, copper and aluminum industry and forming a trillion-scale metallurgical industry cluster.

According to Tang Yiang, Executive Deputy Mayor of Fangchenggang City, in recent years, Fangchenggang has vigorously developed the metallurgical industry, introducing high-quality projects such as Liugang Group, Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgy Co., Ltd., and China Aluminum; accelerating the construction of steel-copper-aluminum metallurgy and non-ferrous metal deep processing bases. Promote the gathering of related enterprises and improve the construction of supporting infrastructure projects in the industrial chain.

认识 In terms of ecological protection, the understanding of the three places is more unified. In order to solve the problems of regional ecological environmental protection and create an integrated coastal ecological barrier, the North Qinfang area has always kept a clear stream of water as an unbreakable bottom line, and is committed to cooperating with surrounding cities to establish inter-regional air pollution and cross-city river basin sudden environmental changes. Incidents and other joint prevention and control mechanisms to improve their ability to respond to cross-city environmental emergencies.

According to the Plan, by 2025, the integrated development of transportation logistics, industrial development, open cooperation, ecological environment, and public services in the three cities of Beiqin will reach a high level. By 2035, a new pattern of integration of defense in North Qin will be fully formed, and it will become an important growth pole with regional influence and driving force. (Zhu Liurong Yang Chen Zhai Liqiang)

Guangxi promotes integrated development of Beiqin defense and builds seven hundred billion-dollar port industrial clusters

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