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Humen Port's annual throughput breaks through one million TEUs

Dec 29 2014

Southern Metropolis Reporter Huang Yaya Yesterday, Humen Port held the ceremony of the first annual container throughput of 1 million TEUs. Humen Port Party Working Committee Secretary and Shatian Town Party Committee Secretary Deng Liuwen delivered a speech: This year is the year of Humen Port's great development. Under the spread of the financial crisis and the Great Depression of the world's shipping and port industries, Humen Port has become popular and the annual container throughput has been the first Exceeded 1 million TEUs. According to the current development situation, Humen Port will radiate the entire Dongguan next year, and strive to achieve profitability in the following year.
"Creating the Miracle of China's Port Industry"
"It only took more than three years for Humen Port to go into production with one million TEUs, creating a miracle in China's port industry! This indicates that Humen Port has begun to enter a high-speed development trajectory, and the port's driving role has become apparent." A person in charge of Humen Port said The annual throughput of containers exceeding one million TEUs means far more to Humen Port Group than the terminal itself. On the one hand, from the perspective of industrial development, the development of resources behind Humen Port will drive the development of Dongguan's productive service industry and the development of the port industry, and enhance the competitiveness of Dongguan enterprises, which is of great significance for promoting the adjustment of Dongguan's industrial structure; on the other hand, the formation of ports New good mechanism for development and park development. By coordinating core resources, Humen Port Group will strengthen core core businesses such as terminals, logistics, and petrochemicals, cultivate listed companies, develop financial functions, create investment and financing platforms, and innovate new models for the development of the Dongguan Park.
Deng Liuwen pointed out that at the same time, we are clearly aware that compared with the surrounding ports, whether it is the port size, function, port industry development, or infrastructure and service support, our gap is still large, and the port has a long way to go. He proposed that next year the port and town integrated development plan will be further improved, the port and town industrial docking will be strengthened, the external transport network in the port area will be effectively enhanced, and the regional support and sustainable development capabilities will be enhanced. We will accelerate the establishment of a mechanism for the coordinated development of Humen Port and Shatian Town, comprehensively promote the linkage between Hong Kong and towns, and strengthen the park's economy. While achieving the rapid development of the port park, let the people of Shatian enjoy the benefits brought by the development to the fullest extent.
"Being a large state-owned group with 10 billion assets"
In promoting the capital operation process of Humen Port Group Company, Humen Port Group has its own abacus. Relevant person in charge said: "The next step will be to combine equity cooperation with listing to open up the capital market and become a large state-owned group with 10 billion assets." At present, Humen Port Group's main business of container business has been very prominent, logistics , Petrochemical, public supporting, financial sector and other industrial frameworks have also been basically established. According to reports, about 4 billion yuan investment in Shatian Port Area 1-4 berths and barge berths, about 1.1 billion yuan investment logistics real estate, about 1 billion yuan petrochemical and public facilities, logistics financing guarantee companies, industry funds Started.
For the development of container business, the person in charge of Humen Port Group puts it analogously: "Last year we had something to eat, we ate enough this year, we want to eat well next year, we want to eat well in the following year, and finally we have to eat good taste." Humen According to the forecast of the port, according to the current development situation, the entire Dongguan will be radiated next year, and the cash flow of the container business will be basically balanced, and strive to achieve profitability in the next year.standard international shipping china

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