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Informatization of goods in the same customs area

Nov 16 2016

Shenzhen Commercial Daily on November 11 Recently, with the transfer of information from Shenzhen JD International Logistics Co., Ltd., the cargo transfer station (hereinafter referred to as the "turnover station") from Shenzhen Airport Airport Clearance has been successfully transferred to the Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center (Hereinafter referred to as "bonded center"), marking the official opening of the cargo information transfer business between the Shenzhen Airport Bonded Center and the turnover station, so the airport has also become The transfer business refers to a business model in which the flow of goods between two customs supervision sites under the same customs area only needs to go through customs declaration procedures and does not need to go through customs clearance procedures. It is understood that before the information transfer function is implemented, the goods transferred from the airport turnover station to the airport bonded center need to submit a paper transfer application form, and can only go to the cargo station to pick up the goods after being approved by the on-site customs of the two parks. At the same time, due to the traditional physical locks used for unsealing, vehicles entering and leaving the parks need to be manually switched on and off by customs officers on site, which not only increases the workload of the customs, but also affects the rapid clearance of goods.shippers transport
In order to actively respond to the requirements of the customs to further deepen regional customs reform, simplify customs procedures, and improve customs efficiency, with the strong support of the airport customs, Shenzhen Airport Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. actively explores information-based operations to optimize processes, strengthen supervision and improve efficiency. After the Shenzhen Airport cargo information transfer service was officially opened, the Shenzhen Airport Customs Airport Logistics Management System and Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center Customs Information Management System enabled the information system between the airport turnover station and the bonded center parks to be interconnected for the first time. Interoperability.
It is understood that after the information transfer business was launched, the transfer vehicles originally required manual unseal by the customs of the two parks, and they were transformed into electronically locked cargo vehicles that were automatically sealed at the departure checkpoint and arrived at the destination checkpoint. Automatically unblocked by the system. "This not only reduces the number of times enterprises travel to and from the customs clearance site, but also simplifies the declaration procedures for the transfer of goods between the two parks, greatly improving the service experience for customers in the parks." (Wang Xinyue)

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