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Introduction to the development status of rail logistics

Jun 30 2021

As an important part of the national economy and the backbone of a powerful transportation country, rail logistics will definitely take the lead and make a difference. Structural reforms on the transportation supply side will be further deepened. In the future, the rail logistics will further segment the target market. On the one hand, do a good job in the implementation of long-term bulk cargo transportation agreements. On the other hand, vigorously develop container transportation, commodity vehicles, cold chain transportation, express transportation and multimodal transportation, which complement other transportation methods. Integration and development.

Take multiple measures to further promote logistics cost reduction and efficiency improvement. In the context of strengthening environmental governance and expressway overtaking, the rail logistics will give full play to its comparative advantages such as convenience, efficiency, safety, and environmental protection, and provide enterprises with full supply chain logistics solutions through measures such as expanding capacity and optimizing capacity. Product supply and development of multimodal transport. Comprehensively reduce the overall cost of social logistics. The level of railway logistics operation and management has been further improved. In the future, the railway will comprehensively improve its management level. The first is to stabilize the supply of transportation products and improve the stability and timeliness of train operation; the second is to improve the quality of products and services to provide customers with a more convenient and efficient business handling experience; the third is to promote the interconnection and sharing of logistics information; the fourth is to deepen the railway freight rate Market-oriented reforms will build a freight management system that adapts to the development of the logistics market.

Further promote the development of rail logistics related resources. In the future, the railway will further enhance the operation and development capabilities of logistics facilities, improve the transportation infrastructure surrounding the railway logistics center, and continuously enrich the modern logistics technology and equipment system. The achievements of railway logistics going global will be further consolidated and expanded. In the future, the railway will use the two platforms of the China-Europe Express International Transport Joint Working Group and the China-Europe Express Coordination Committee to further strengthen the coordination of domestic and foreign logistics organizations; by improving service quality, innovating international express transportation organization methods, coordinating and simplifying customs procedures, and promoting international return classes The development of trains has made China-Europe trains a symbol of the high-quality development of railway logistics.

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