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Main Problems Existing in the Development of Rail Logistics

Aug 10 2021

After years of development, railway logistics has made efforts to change development methods, actively change development concepts, tap logistics resources, expand service functions, and gradually move from a planned economy to a market economy. However, in the face of the new reform situation, there are still problems such as incomplete service functions, weak marketing awareness, and low level of technical equipment.
(1) Insufficient infrastructure capacity and service functions need to be improved
With the rapid economic development, the space in the central area of ​​the city has expanded rapidly. Many traditional railway freight yards and lines are surrounded by the city center. For example, Hepingli Station in the Beijing Railway Hub is located in the Second Ring Road, and Guang'anmen Station is located in the Second Ring Road. Between the third ring road and the third ring road, it is gradually surrounded by residential areas and commercial areas, which severely restricts the development space for the transformation and upgrading of freight yards to railway logistics, and faces urgent needs for relocation. In addition, compared with the current large-scale railway network construction, the construction of the railway logistics center is relatively slow, and a good railway point-line coordination capacity has not yet been formed. It has even affected the operation of just-in-time trains in the Hundred Thousand Strategy. The layout plan of the railway logistics center in the "Twelfth Five-Year" Logistics Development Plan.
The service function system of railway logistics needs to be further improved. The current service functions of railway freight yards still have obvious characteristics of traditional freight services, still focusing on the basic functions of freight, and lack of diversified logistics value-added services such as warehousing, distribution, circulation processing, and packaging, which are in line with the requirements of modern logistics and supply chain concepts. There is still a big gap compared to the service functions of the company, and it is difficult to adapt to the current market’s transition from "small batches, large batches, and long-term" to "multi-variety, small-batch, multi-batch, short-period, and timely" logistics services. Require.
(2) The scope of business needs to be expanded urgently
Railway freight yards are restricted in their business scope and cannot operate modern logistics services such as warehousing, processing and packaging. There is still a certain gap between the requirements of "transformation and development of freight transport to modern logistics".
In 2003, the Ministry of Railways issued the "Regulations of the Ministry of Railways Regarding the Regulation of Railway Freight Transport Operations" ("Eight Prohibitions" for short), which stipulated eight prohibitions including "No requirement for cargo owners to handle cargo transportation through extended services or transport agents". . The "eight prohibitions" put an end to the existing behavior of using railway transportation for personal gain. Some railway personnel indirectly or directly through the shortage of plans in their hands forcibly require cargo owners to carry out extended freight services are prohibited. From the perspective of standardizing railway service behavior and establishing a good image of railway service, the "eight prohibitions" had strong necessity and pertinence at the time, and played an important role. With the development of the national economy, the logistics market demand has gradually expanded to a variety of extended services such as packaging, processing, and "door-to-door" full logistics. At the same time, with the large-scale construction of my country’s railway network, railway transportation capacity will gradually increase, and the supply and demand situation of railway transportation plans will also change with the increase in transportation capacity. Striving for a larger service market and attracting more sources of goods will It has gradually become an important goal of the operation and management of railway freight yards, and the content of railway freight yard operation and management also needs to gradually develop into extended logistics services, and some of the "eight prohibitions" are undoubtedly incompatible with this new situation. .
In addition, my country's railway freight, luggage, loading and unloading, freight forwarding and other departments are still in a state of decentralized operation. 
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