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One pass, a strong strike! Shenzhen Haiyuan International Freight Co., Ltd. and Alibaba One-to-One partner become strategic partners

Dec 03 2015

In November 2015, our company formed a strategic partnership with "Alibaba One Access One Partner". Our customers can form a one-touch one-partner partner with our company through and enjoy the high-quality services brought by our company, as well as the big data and Alibaba Yida provided by the Alibaba platform. To provide foreign trade enterprises with professional, fast and low-cost customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax rebates and supporting logistics and financial services, e-commerce means to solve the service problems of foreign trade enterprises in the circulation link, and on Alibaba International Site Company's products (or services), and facilitate the opportunity for foreign customers to direct orders.low cost shipping to china
Introduction of One Access

Alibaba OnePass provides professional, fast, and low-cost customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax rebates, and supporting logistics and financial services for foreign trade enterprises. It uses e-commerce to solve service difficulties in the circulation of foreign trade enterprises.



1. Quick tax refund: The fastest tax refund will be remitted to your account within 3 working days.

2. Self-service operation platform: The fastest order is 5 minutes, and the payment is transferred within 3 minutes; you are in control of when to operate.

3. Data precipitation: Export order data will continue to accumulate and accumulate, becoming your company's most convincing proof of strength on (need to be a member of China Supply).

4. Subsidies for foreign trade services: up to 3 cents per dollar for export.

One-stop customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax refund services.

Basic service fees: Basic service fees are waived, and advance tax refund is only 4% of the refund amount.

Subsidies for foreign trade services: up to 3 cents per dollar.

Basic service content: Class A customs clearance qualification, foreign exchange settlement on the 1st, tax refund will be remitted to your account within 3 working days after the documents are complete.

Financial Services:

Online merchant loan advanced version: up to 10 million yuan unsecured, pure credit loan, annualized starting from 8%.

Xinrong Insurance: Experts verify, the maximum 100% L / C buyout, and the financial rate is as low as 0.03% / day.

Lock-up guarantee: Freely lock forward exchange rates, enhance bargaining power, and securely protect income.

Credit sales guarantee: The buyer passed the credit investigation, financing up to 80% of the receivables, and the fastest 3 working days loan.

Logistics Services:

Shipping: Competitive shipping FCL, LCL prices (first-class freight forwarding), a strong agency network covering all ports, providing customers with one-stop service.

Warehousing: Provide professional and efficient warehouse loading and unloading and warehousing services.

Trailers: There is a professional team of cooperative trailers, covering distribution and transportation services in Guangdong Province.

Customs declaration and inspection: has its own customs broker; fast, safe and efficient professional customs declaration services to ensure that the speed of declaration is first and the safety of customs clearance is first.

How to bind us:

1. Please choose the appropriate package in the service market to purchase our service products.

2. Log in to the {YiDaTong Operation Background} and bind our company in {Setting Management}-{Partner Management}.

1) Customers log in to the Yidatong customer operation platform

2) Select

① Settings management → ② Partner management → ③ All partners → ④ Search {Shenzhen Haiyuan International Freight Agency Co., Ltd. Shantou Branch} → ⑤ Bind

After completing the above five steps, it means that the service relationship has been tied to our company, and our company can provide you with {Yidatongyipai} service!

3. Provide us with necessary exporter information such as {Biller Information} and {Product Information}.

4.We will solve all the services of online ordering, operation, product pre-examination, biller pre-examination, etc.

Project Contacts

1. Mr. Ben: 13825887955

2. Mr. Lin Appe: 13411999285

3. Mr. Alan: 13415148982

Company address: 1001E, Middle Ladder, Jinyuan Building, 148 Zhongshan Road, Shantou

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