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Qingdao intends to implement control over dangerous goods related to Hong Kong

Aug 09 2017

From the "Instructions on Implementing" Prohibition, Restriction, and Transfer "of Import and Export of Dangerous Goods Containers Related to Ports" submitted by the Office of Qingdao Safety Production Committee, it was learned that Qingdao plans to learn from Tianjin's control and control practices to bring danger to Qingdao Cargo container import and export operations implement the "prohibition, restriction, transfer" work measures, and it is planned to begin in August.

"Prohibited": According to the "Dangerous Goods Classification and Product Name Number", "Dangerous Chemicals Catalog" (2015) and relevant national standards, and referring to the "International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code" (2014 Revision), there is no Class 1 in Qingdao Port Group On August 1, 2017, on the basis of permits for the storage of explosives, Class 6.2 infectious substances and Class 7 radioactive dangerous goods containers, Class 2 compressed gases and liquefied gases, and Class 3 flammable liquids will be completely banned , Category 4 flammable solids, spontaneous combustion and wet flammable materials, Category 5 oxidizing substances and organic peroxides and Category 6.1 toxic substances import and export operations, only category 8 and 9 low-risk dangerous goods operations .China ocean shipping

"Limited": First, limited time. Optimize the inspection process of the customs, maritime affairs, inspection and quarantine departments to reduce the storage time of dangerous goods in the port area; improve the work flow of loading and unloading ships at Qingdao port, improve work efficiency, ensure safety during loading and unloading work, and reduce working time. The second is the limited product name. On the basis of strictly prohibiting the operation of relevant high-risk dangerous goods, Qianwan Port conducted an overall safety risk assessment for 3 dangerous cargo yards in the port area, scientifically evaluated the safety risks of the yards in the harbor, determined the safety capacity of the yard, and determined the low-risk Types and quantities of dangerous goods operations, list inventories, and measure within limits.

"Change": change thinking, change ideas, change economic development mode. Qianwan Port regards safe production as an important binding indicator for enterprise development, adheres to the future, adheres to the strategic height of sustainable development, changes its thinking and concepts, promotes transformation and upgrading, and formulates a green that conforms to the laws of port development and the actual development of itself. Plan to vigorously develop the import and export business of ordinary cargo containers, and follow a safe development path with low energy consumption, low environmental pollution, low security risks, excellent growth methods, and strong scale effects.

It is reported that immediately after the "8.12" accident, Tianjin Port immediately stopped all import and export of dangerous chemicals such as dangerous cargo container yards and liquid bulk terminals. A large number of dangerous goods were re-imported and exported through Qingdao Port, bringing to the surrounding areas of the port area. This creates extremely high security risks. Since this year, Huangdao District has investigated and handled 2 cases of illegal storage of dangerous chemicals in containers of more than 1,000 tons.

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