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Rail freight forward a new mode of container transportation

Sep 03 2021

On the morning of July 23, a container train loaded with 43 boxes of hair dryers, cups, soap and other daily necessities slowly departed from Shenzhen Pinghu South Station, Guangzhou Freight Center of Guangzhou Railway Group, and reached Shenzhen Yantian Port in 40 minutes. This is the first time that Guangdong Railway has launched a new mode of container "movement" transportation, which is of great significance for promoting the construction of Pinghunan's container inland port and expanding the scale of Shenzhen's sea-rail combined transportation.
Save two-thirds of time compared to road transportation
The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Railway Group that the “station-moving” mode of containers is the mode of transportation within the station boundary. Add container freight trains within the transportation range of Shenzhen Pinghu South Station, complete port collection and decentralization according to the port schedule according to the bus mode, and build Pinghu Nan New Freight Yard into an inland port in Yantian, which can efficiently meet the export of local foreign trade customers. Demand, and achieve the goal of sending 100,000 TEUs in the short term and 200,000 TEUs in the long term. After this batch of daily necessities from Shenzhen and surrounding areas arrive at Yantian Port by rail container train, they will be exported by sea to Asian and European countries, opening up a green, efficient and convenient transportation channel for local cargo exports.
It is reported that freight trains operate daily between Pinghu South Freight Yard and Yantian Port, which can avoid the timeliness problems caused by local traffic congestion, and can save about two-thirds of the time compared with road transportation. At the same time, the export method of "rail-sea combined transportation" can effectively reduce the time loss of segment transportation and cargo damage, and save at least 15% of the transportation cost compared with the traditional transportation mode.
Shenzhen is one of the first 13 pilot provinces and cities to build a strong transportation country. Among them, the construction of a short-distance inland port system is an important part of the pilot program for a strong transportation country in Shenzhen. According to the relevant planning scheme of Shenzhen's short-distance inland port system, Pinghunan was selected as the preferred location for implementation, to undertake the functions of storage yard and collection and transportation outside Shenzhen port.
Pinghunan: Building the main brand of sea-rail combined transport
Pinghu Nanxin Railway Freight Yard is located south of Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, between Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway and Pinghu Marshalling Station of Beijing-Kowloon Railway. It is the only integrated logistics transportation in Shenzhen that integrates planning, scale, and land use. The hub can hold 1,000 containers at the same time and load and unload 90 trucks at one time. It provides a strong venue and transportation capacity support to further increase the scale of Shenzhen’s sea-rail combined transportation and promote the local realization of "carbon peak", "carbon neutral" and green development. . Currently the first phase of the project has been put into operation, covering an area of ​​650 mu.
"Pingyan Railway is responsible for the port dredging function. In order to better meet the surging transportation needs of customers, we have extended the terminal gate function and container return service to Pinghu South Freight Yard, so that customers can handle the delivery and container return procedures according to actual needs. At the same time, we also provide customers with more convenient storage solutions, realizing the seamless connection between Pinghu Nan Freight Yard and Yantian Port Area, and further expanding the storage yard capacity of the source of goods." Hao told reporters that the construction of the Pinghunan Inland Port will ease the pressure on highway traffic in Shenzhen City and reduce road traffic jams and potential safety hazards. Especially during the peak export season and the Spring Festival, before the National Day holiday, and after the typhoon, and other periods of sudden increase in business volume, the railway port is of greater significance to the coordination of the port and the city.
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