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Ranking of the world's top 100 container ports in 2019, these Chinese ports are shortlisted(China logistics)

Aug 07 2019

A few days ago, the Lloyd's Daily published the latest list of the world's top 100 container ports in 2019. A total of 21 ports in mainland China were on the list, and a total of 6 ports in the top ten were on the list.Freight forwarder in China(logistics)

The top ten container ports in the world are Shanghai Port (No. 1), Singapore Port (No. 2), Ningbo Zhoushan Port (No. 3), Shenzhen Port (No. 4), Guangzhou Port (No. 5), and Busan Port (No. 6). , Hong Kong Port (No. 7), Qingdao Port (No. 8), Tianjin Port (No. 9), Dubai Port (No. 10).

Compared with last year, Ningbo Zhoushan Port surpassed Shenzhen Port to become the third place, Hong Kong Port fell two places from fifth to seventh, Busan Port maintained the position of sixth place, Guangzhou Port surpassed Hong Kong Port and Busan Port Rising to fifth place, Tianjin Port also rose one place to become ninth.

Eleventh to twentieth are: Rotterdam Port (11th), Port Klang (12th), Antwerp Port (13th), Xiamen Port (14th), Kaohsiung Port (15th), and Dalian Port ( 16th), Port of Los Angeles (17th), Port of Tanjung Parapas (18th), Port of Hamburg (19th), Port of Long Beach (20th).

Among them, the rankings of Port of Tanjung Parras and Port of Long Beach have increased from the previous year, rising from 19th to 18th and 21st to 20th respectively. The ranking of Port of Hamburg has dropped from 18th to 19th. The ranking of other ports remains unchanged from last year.

Other Chinese ports on the list are Yingkou Port (No. 26), Taicang Port (No. 31), Lianyungang Port (No. 34), Rizhao Port (No. 41), Dongguan Port (No. 46), Fuzhou Port (No. 49), Nanjing Port (53), Yantai Port (60), Tangshan Port (61), Quanzhou Port (77), Zhuhai Port (81), Haikou Port (90), Jiaxing Port (96).

Yingkou Port dropped from 23 to 26, and Rizhao Port rose 7 p

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