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Reforms Make Huizhou Enterprises Clearer

Apr 14 2017

Nanfang Daily April 7th News On the 6th, Yan Nan, secretary of the Shenzhen Customs Party Leadership Group, and his party visited Huizhou. Chen Yiwei, secretary of the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Xu Yunshu, member of the Standing Committee, Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, and secretary of the Huicheng District Committee, and vice mayor Chen Gaoyan attended the relevant activities.
During the discussion, Chen Yiwei thanked Shenzhen Customs for its long-term support and help to Huizhou. He said that Huizhou's economic development momentum has been good since this year, a large number of projects have been settled in succession, and import and export trade has achieved steady growth. These achievements are inseparable from the strong support and assistance of Shenzhen Customs and the Huiguan District in Huizhou's foreign economic and trade work. Currently, Shenzhen and Huizhou are co-constructing industries, and the trend of economic integration is obvious. It is hoped that Shenzhen Customs will, as always, support the development of Huizhou, continuously optimize the customs clearance environment, accelerate the process of integrating customs clearance between Shenzhen and Huizhou, and promote the development of Huizhou economy.Shipping agent in China
It is reported that in 2016, Huizhou's total foreign trade import and export volume was 304.48 billion yuan, and the proportion of general trade increased. This year, Huizhou's foreign trade has ushered in a “big start”. The import and export volume in the first two months reached 36.09 billion yuan, an increase of 0.8% year-on-year. Among them, the import and export volume in February both increased.
Yan Nan congratulated Huizhou for its achievements in economic and social development, and thanked the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their care and support in Huiguan District. He said that Shenzhen Customs must fully support the development of Huizhou, strengthen the reform in Huiguan District, allow more reform and convenience measures to land in Huizhou, make customs clearance for Huizhou enterprises more convenient, and serve Huizhou's economic and social development. (Reporter Luo Rui)

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