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Russia's first fast container train has departed from Ufa to China(Sea shipping)

Sep 11 2019

The Russian Railways Information Office issued news that the first fast container train has departed from Russia and Ufa to China.

According to the news: "Today's first fast container train has departed from Ufa to Chengdu, China. The train is composed of 50 40-foot containers and will travel to Baikalsk first, after which the containers will be transported to the destination along the Chinese railway. . "
The company shows that after departing from Chernikovka Station in Ufa, the train will reach the post-Baikalsk, which is more than 5,000 kilometers away in 6 days. The cargo in the container is a product of Kronospan, the largest timber processing plant in the Republic of Oblast, Kortostan.(Sea shipping)
"The service will enable industrial companies to improve logistics and open new markets for the sale of their products. The speed and price of transportation, the preservation of goods," said Bretov, manager of the branch of the Russian railway container transport (TransContainer) Gubyshev railway section. Extent and high-quality services will make rail transport truly competitive with maritime and road transport. "

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