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Shenzhen Customs "Operation Longteng" seized the first patent infringement case(Shipping Company in China)

Oct 16 2017

International Business Daily, October 8th. On September 26th, it was confirmed that a batch of memory cards and mobile storages seized by Shenzhen Customs Airport Customs in the export channel had been seized. The seized items violated Shenzhen Langke Technology Co., Ltd. Patent intellectual property. It is reported that this is the first patent infringement case seized by the National Customs since the launch of Operation Longteng.
        On September 19 this year, through the deployment control, Shenzhen Airport Customs found that during the inspection of UPS export shipment channels, a company declared that a group of memory cards and mobile storage exported to the United States had allegedly infringed Netac's patents. The customs officer immediately issued a notice to Shenzhen Langke Technology Co., Ltd. and asked the right holder to verify it. "Netac is one of the first key enterprises participating in the" Long Teng "operation in the country. They first developed mobile storage technology and flash memory technology, and filed patent rights in the General Administration of Customs. Other companies use this technology to produce mobile storage. Equipment needs to be authorized by Netac, otherwise there is suspicion of infringement. "Shenzhen Customs Regulations said," In the past, customs' intellectual property protection of enterprises was mainly in trademark rights. This time, we successfully intercepted goods that infringed on the company's patent rights and realized New breakthroughs. "" Patents are the core competitiveness of enterprises, but it is difficult to obtain patents. It is difficult to implement patent protection. The recent peak season for flash disk shipments, the customs has accurately controlled this batch of goods. Established a fast mechanism for confirming rights with us, blocked the sales channels of infringing products, and protected our legitimate rights and interests. "Said Bi Kun, Intellectual Property Operation Manager of Netac.
        In addition to Netac, Huawei, ZTE, DJI and other 10 export-leading intellectual property companies are also the key protection targets selected by Shenzhen Customs. According to the Shenzhen Customs Regulations Office, with the transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China", more and more national brands in China have successfully "goed to sea" and developed into "World Brands." In order to protect them, the Customs has cracked down on infringement. Export goods. Shenzhen Customs also made a combination of "quick, accurate, and ruthless"-
        Capture "quasi". On September 26, Shenzhen Customs, as one of the four pilot customs nationwide, took the lead in launching the "Internet of Things Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Mark Intelligent Identification System" APP. Inspection officers at the inspection site can use this new intelligent auxiliary tool to shoot and compare trademarks and obtain corresponding IP filing information. In addition, Shenzhen Customs has also strengthened joint research and judgment on the risks of export infringing goods to achieve a precise blow.(Shipping Company in China)
        Deal with "quick". Accelerate the progress of case handling and the disposal of infringing goods. In cases where the infringement facts are clear, the tort evidence is clear, and the parties have no objection, in principle, the determination of infringement will be made within 30 working days from the date of detention of the goods and within 5 working days Put forward opinions on the disposal of goods to reduce the pressure on enterprises to protect their rights. Establish a WeChat group of “Long Teng” operation key enterprises and customs, and provide “personal”, timely and personalized services to key enterprises. With reference to the relevant provisions of the court on electronic delivery, explore the use of electronic mailboxes and other methods for the delivery of intellectual property cases to improve the efficiency of case handling.
        Crack down on "ruthlessness", increase punishment for seized cases of infringement on the intellectual property rights of key enterprises, and strengthen cooperation with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the courts, and the Intellectual Property Office to become a "guardian" of intellectual property rights for Shenzhen enterprises at the border. , And integrated into the city's intellectual property "protection network" and work together. (Yin Xiao Zhang Xiaoxi)

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