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Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau's "collective inspection and separation" brand effect is significant

Jul 29 2015

Guide: "The inspection and release time is shortened from 2 days to 1 hour in the traditional inspection and quarantine supervision mode, saving a lot of time and costs."
Correspondent Guo Moting Guo Jing
"The inspection and release time has been shortened from 2 days to 1 hour in the traditional inspection and quarantine supervision mode, saving a lot of time and costs." In one and a half years, the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau "collection and separation" customs service brand has become more mature and applied for inspection. Yuan Xiaoli praised the convenience brought by this policy.cheapest way to ship from china
"Collection inspection and separation", that is, on the basis of informatization management, implement classified management of enterprises, and clear inspections of qualified inbound goods of qualified enterprises when they enter the zone, and send samples for inspection; after completion of quarantine and inspection, they can apply for inspection Issuance of certificates; check-and-release with checklist when leaving the zone, no more sampling and repeated inspections, and a centralized customs clearance form will be issued at the end of the month to cooperate with customs clearance. Since the establishment of the Qianhai Customs Clearance Service brand in December 2013, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau ’s “collection and checkout” model has accelerated inspection and release by about 48 times.
China Shenzhen Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. is a warehousing and logistics company in Qianhai Bay Free Trade Zone. It has been engaged in the agency of imported wine since February 2013. From December 2013 to May 2015, the company used the “collective inspection and separation” model to import 1.402 million liters of wine through Qianhai, with a value of 4.327 million US dollars; from January to May 2015, a total of 504,000 liters of imported wine, The value of goods was 1.475 million US dollars, an increase of 128% and 98% year-on-year respectively.
The manager of the company, Mr. Ma, was most impressed by the "collection and separation". He introduced that before the "collection and separation" model was launched, the inspection procedures for imported wines were complicated, the laboratory testing cycle was longer, and the company's operating costs were higher. After the “collective inspection and separation” model was implemented, the inspection and quarantine department focused on the inspection of red wine, and used the storage time after the goods entered the park to carry out centralized inspection of the goods. The inspection was no longer carried out when the goods were actually imported, and only batch verification was implemented.
"The inspection and quarantine department samples and tests in advance and completes the Chinese label inspection in advance, which not only guarantees the product quality, but also saves the time of goods retention due to testing and label preparation." Manager Ma said that the red wine that passed the "pre-inspection" was qualified according to Enterprise market demand, batch import and export, no longer need to repeat the sampling test, three-quarters of the sample can be reduced in a year, reducing the customs clearance costs of the enterprise. It is estimated that the economic benefits of the imported wine industry in Qianhai will increase by more than 1 million yuan after the launch of the "collective inspection and separation" model.
FreeFreedom Foods Group is a listed company from Australia. Beginning in September 2014, the children's milk of Australia ’s Own, the brand with the most Australian characteristics, was put into trial operation in the Qianhai Bonded Park using the “collection and separation” model. As of May this year, a total of 1170.6 tons of Australian cattle milk with a value of US $ 1.527 million entered the Chinese market through Qianhai. Among them, the first quarter of 2015 totaled 713.6 tons and the value of goods was US $ 963,000, an increase of 125% and 153% respectively.
Daiao Mu Milk is mainly sold in Guangdong, Shanghai, Hunan, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu; it also has a special e-commerce department that connects to Tmall, No. 1 and other platforms, and has a wide product coverage. "Shenzhen Bureau's customs clearance efficiency is really high. It takes less than two months on average for our milk from Australian organization production to domestic sales. It ranks first in the industry and its market competitiveness is very significant." Australia's milk China Zha, the sole importer of Shenzhen Jialile Food Co., Ltd., was very moved.
With the implementation of a series of policies such as the signing of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement and the official listing of the Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone, the geographical advantage of the Qianhai Free Trade Zone has become increasingly prominent. The "100% original import" method was officially introduced into China through the Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone. It is estimated that the import volume in 2015 will be about 200 containers.
The "collective inspection and separation" model also achieves a win-win situation for inspection enterprises.
For the inspection and quarantine department, the centralized inspection and separation management system can timely control the information of incoming and outgoing goods, track the status of the goods, conduct systematic random random inspections or manual intervention audits, not only alleviating the contradiction of shortage of human resources, but also Improved work efficiency and service level, and strengthened management to achieve controllable risks and effective supervision.
In addition, the business data is collected monthly through the centralized inspection and separation management system, and imported into the electronic inspection system for CIQ2000 system inspection, which achieves centralized inspection and visa management of legally inspected goods, and solves the same company's inspection requirements. The asymmetry in the batch information of quarantine and customs declarations is conducive to the pass rate of electronic online verification and comparison of customs clearance documents.

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