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Shenzhen land and sea freight customs inspection time reduced by nearly half(Shipping Company in China)

Nov 03 2017

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone reported on October 31. On September 30 of this year, only 80 minutes, Lian Neng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. produced a batch of urgently needed imported materials and left for factory workshops after completing inspection at Huanggang Port. We can deliver on time before the holiday ends. Machine inspection and direct placement, electronic intelligent map determination, non-intrusive inspection of small X-ray machines, mobile operation using a single soldier system, and in the customs supervision and inspection of import and export goods, Shenzhen Customs is setting off a "machine replacement" intelligent innovation . In order to comply with the requirements of the nationwide integration reform of customs clearance, Shenzhen Customs has implemented comprehensive reform of the “two constructions and four reforms” business, actively carried out centralized reform of inspection and supervision, and comprehensively improved inspection efficiency. Since this year, the inspection time has been reduced by nearly 50%.(Shipping Company in China)
"Perspective Cargo" Passes Faster: Container Trucks Release Directly After Inspection of "Lungs"
30,000 standard containers, with a total length of more than 180 kilometers and a tiled area of ​​more than 1,000 basketball courts, are the average number of standard containers that Dapeng Customs enters and leaves the port every day. Faced with such a huge amount of supervision by Dapeng Customs, if the customs inspection time is to be shortened, the traditional manual inspection is bound to be unsustainable. In July this year, as the key project of the comprehensive reform of the “two constructions and four reforms” business, Shenzhen Customs took the lead in carrying out centralized reform of inspection and supervision in Yantian Port. The large-scale machine inspection equipment was used to scan and inspect the container truck as a whole. In the past, "living the lungs" was only a means of assisting inspection, and manual inspection was required to release it. An important measure for the centralized reform of inspection and supervision is to increase the proportion of machine inspections, which can be released directly after the inspection. After the reform, if the machine inspection image shows that there is no suspicion of seizure in the car box, the characteristics of the cargo image are consistent with the declared information, and there is no suspicion of seizure, the system can automatically complete the inspection task and release the vehicle cargo. This level also implements dynamic monitoring of the machine inspection and inspection ratio and the machine inspection direct ratio indicators to improve inspection efficiency on the basis of the full inspection of machine inspection equipment. At Dapeng Customs, the “H986 + FS6000 + small X-ray machine” machine inspection equipment was used to cooperate with the inspection, and a set of “machine replacement” punches were punched out, which completely changed the traditional manual inspection mode and made full use of technology and equipment to dig technical bonuses. . It can be seen at the scene that H986 and FS6000, two large machine inspection equipments, can complete a scan when the container enters for tens of seconds to minutes. It is estimated that the traditional manual inspection mode requires 2.5 hours to inspect a container, and the average inspection time is 0.5 hour, which greatly shortens the inspection time. In the third quarter, the proportion of shutdown inspections increased to 57%. The percentages of on-site machine inspections at pilot ports such as Shenzhen Customs Dapeng and Shekou were 60.7% and 51%, respectively. Normal goods operated more quickly in customs supervision.
"Intelligent judgment of pictures" is more efficient: experts focus on intelligent analysis of "see pictures and speak" systems
Container trucks are moving faster, can the risks be controlled? The centralized reform of Shenzhen Customs inspection and supervision has provided effective guarantee for this change in terms of system and technology. The customs department implements a centralized inspection operation mode for machine inspection, integrates human inspection machine resources in the entire customs area, gathers advantageous resources such as business experts and backbones to centrally analyze machine inspection images, and implements standardized operations and standardized management of professional institutions. Shenzhen Customs independently developed a centralized inspection and inspection system for machine inspection and inspection to realize the interconnection of information and data of large container inspection equipment with the customs business management system, breaking the previous situation of machine inspection equipment, and strengthening the sharing of machine inspection equipment and image data in customs areas. It is understood that this pass takes highway inbound and outbound vehicle body images as a breakthrough and relies on more than 150,000 historical images. The centralized image review system can automatically retrieve machine inspection objects based on information such as time period, vehicle type, and license plate number, improving image analysis. Speed ​​and accuracy, through image subtraction contrast technology, intelligent assistance is provided to the manual review process to improve processing efficiency. At present, the centralized examination has completed the full coverage of the customs of 4 highway ports and 3 customs of maritime ports in Shenzhen.
“Remove on behalf of people” enterprises have lower costs: small X-ray machines significantly reduce the proportion of dismantling
During manual inspection, it is difficult to avoid the dismantling of goods. Youhe Group is a company that imports and exports frozen products. The quality and index problems caused by the inspection and dismantling caused trouble to the company. Ms. Chen, who is connected with the customs business, knows this very well. The combination of small X-ray machine inspection equipment for large-scale inspection and manual inspection can effectively reduce the loss caused by cargo dismantling. In the past, manual inspections and inspections of goods were carried out in accordance with the required opening and dismantling ratio requirements. Although intuitive and convenient, it caused damage to perishable and perishable, high-precision instruments and other packaging, and inevitably brought losses to the reporting enterprises. Give full play to the use of small X-ray machines, and form a "tandem" mode with manual inspection to inspect the goods according to a certain proportion to avoid damage caused by direct disassembly. According to comparison, the application of small X-ray inspection can not only reduce the cost of dismantling and commercial disputes caused by it, but also reduce the operating time by about 20% compared to manual dismantling and inspection. Mr. Fu of Shenzhen Ruiyuan Cold Chain Service Co., Ltd. said, "After the customs inspection reform, our cargo opening and removal volume has been reduced a lot and losses have been significantly reduced. This is very important for our cold chain enterprises. Cost is less. "In addition to" machine replacement ", the customs clearance inspection process has also been" re-combined ". The new inspection operation mode implements the "double random, scoring type, dual monitoring, and full-closed" standards. The inspection at the port customs has introduced the Internet + and individual equipment and other scientific and technological means for supervision and monitoring. To change the trouble that the company had to go to the west to go through the formalities in the past, just wait in the waiting area, and the whole inspection process is "one step in place". Shenzhen Customs strives for more efficient customs clearance, more convenient handling, and further reduction of institutional costs, bringing a real sense of gain to enterprises.

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