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Shenzhen's cross-border e-commerce exports grew 2.5 times in the first 10 months

Nov 16 2016

Shenzhen Evening News November 11 The latest data released by Shenzhen Customs shows that since this year, Shenzhen's cross-border e-commerce has shown a booming trend. In the first 10 months of 2016, Shenzhen Customs inspected and released the value of cross-border e-commerce imports. 1.27 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 155%; inspection and release of cross-border e-commerce goods worth 702 million yuan, an increase of 257%.shipping from china
Not only does e-commerce cargo show a blowout growth, the number of cross-border e-commerce is constantly refreshed. It is understood that at present, there are 552 cross-border e-commerce enterprises registered in Shenzhen Customs, with nearly 100,000 kinds of products registered, mainly including health products, mother and baby products, and cosmetics.
To cope with the increase in the volume of cross-border e-commerce, Shenzhen Customs has taken various measures to serve enterprises to promote the development of the industry. The relevant person in charge of the customs said that it will further improve the speed of customs clearance of cross-border e-commerce goods. At present, the customs clearance formalities have been completed within 24 hours after the e-commerce import goods declaration. Consumers can leave the area to start domestic logistics and transportation within one day after placing an order. (Zheng Zhongpeng)

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