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Ship market recovers, Chinese shipyards rush to catch 26 orders

Nov 07 2016

Guide: 12 product oil tankers plus 10 chemical tankers, a total of nearly 1 billion US dollars.
12 product oil tankers plus 10 chemical tankers, the total amount is nearly 1 billion US dollars. Just in the past few days, three Chinese shipyards, such as Dashun Group, Wuchuan Shipbuilding Industry and New Era Shipbuilding, have “strengthened” the signing of orders. In addition, the orders for two dual-fuel chemical tankers of AVIC Dingheng have come into effect, both in terms of ship type and quantity. This order-taking rhythm has been rare in China's shipbuilding industry in recent years. At the lowest point of the boat market, he made a bottom-recovery ship, and the sensitive shipowner may have really smelled the recovery of the boat market!shipping container shipping cost

$ 300 million, New Age Shipbuilding receives 8 new ship orders

According to the latest news, New Age Shipbuilding has officially signed an order with Saudi Arabian ship owner Bihar International to build up to 8 new ships, including 2 + 2 Afra oil tankers and 2 + 2 55,000 dwt IMO-II chemical tankers. The total value is more than 300 million US dollars. Among them, the construction cost of Afra oil tanker is about 41 million US dollars; the cost of chemical tanker is about 35 million US dollars, equipped with 18 storage tanks and 2 stainless steel tanks.

It is understood that this order is also the first order received by New Age Shipbuilding this year. New ships will be delivered one after the other from the end of 2018.

$ 200 million, Wuchuan Group receives first order for 6 chemical tankers

It is reported that earlier this week, the Dubai shipping company Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC (GulfNav) has formally placed an order for 6 chemical tankers at the Wuchuan Heavy Industry Group. The 46,000 dwt chemical tanker is about $ 200 million at the current market price. If the news is true, this is the first time Wushu has received an order for a chemical tanker in nearly 20 years.

It is understood that GulfNav owns and operates eight 46,000 dwt IMO II chemical tankers, all of which were built in 2010. Four of them are jointly owned and operated by Stolt-Nielsen. In addition, the company operates 4 crew vessels for its shipping services business. The company went public in February 2007 and is the only maritime shipping company listed on the Dubai financial market.

$ 500 million! Dagong Group Receives Order for 12 Product Oil Tankers

According to sources, Danish Maersk Tanker recently ordered 6 + 6 115,000 dwt LR2 product oil tankers from the Great Ship Group, with a total value of more than 500 million US dollars.

According to sources, the price of these LR2 product oil tankers is about 41 million to 44 million US dollars. The order is currently signed, but may not take effect until announced by the Maersk Tanker Board early next year.

It is understood that Maersk Tanker is not the first time to place an order for a ship with Dashen Heavy Industry. Of the 18 LR2 tankers currently owned by Maersk Tanker, 11 are built by large ships.

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