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The difference between cash on delivery and prepaid in Sea shipping.

Jan 22 2021

Pay by Sea shipping is the FOB price, that is, you only need to pay the domestic fee, and the rest of the cost is borne by the guest, usually the shipping company designated by the guest.

Sea shipping prepaid refers to CNF, CIF, etc. The freight has been included in these quotations, so we arrange the transportation by ourselves. But there are also a few customers who designate our freight forwarder.

The Sea shipping freight contract is reflected in the FOB price, that is, you only need to pay for the domestic towing container, THC and customs declaration fees (and the expenses incurred under special circumstances, such as customs inspections, etc.). The Sea shipping freight or air freight is borne by the customer, and generally the customer specifies the ship Company (or designated freight forwarder, this situation is relatively rare). The bill of lading is displayed as freight collected; the contract is reflected in the CNF (excluding insurance premium) or CIF (including insurance premium) price. You need to pay all the fees and arrange the shipping company yourself (but there are also customers designated to go to a shipping company Happening). The bill of lading shows freight prepaid as freight prepaid. Freight forwarders generally pay special attention to the issue of whether the freight is paid or prepaid, because this will involve their quotations and profits.

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