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Top 10 BreakBulk ship operator rankings released(Sea shipping)

Aug 13 2019

Ship broker Dynamar compiles the top 10 breakbulk operator rankings, and G2 Ocean wins the top spot with its huge pulp fleet.(Sea shipping)

The Dutch brokerage company compared operators of multi-purpose vessel operators based on the gross tonnage of their fleet to determine which operator has the largest cargo capacity. as follows
 Ranking of shipping companies operating by groceries according to deadweight tonnage:
2G2 Ocean, a merger of Gear Bulk and Grieg Star, won the top spot because of its larger and tonnage open hatch gantry crane pulp fleet. From the perspective of average tonnage, although the company's number of ships is not the largest, the average deadweight tonnage of 54100 DWT makes the company's total tonnage far ahead.
The joint venture has 89 ships with a total deadweight of 4.8 million DWT. Although the company stated that it has a total of 130 ships, 110 of which are open hatch, the company's fleet consists of only a fleet and a long-term charter fleet.
In any case, the company's fleet is much larger than the second-place Saga Welco. Saga Welco has a total tonnage of 2.6 million tons and 52 ships.
Looking down from the third position, breakbulk top 10 shows a more familiar picture: BBC Chartering is ahead of traditional multi-purpose and heavy lift shipping companies. The company ranked third, with a fleet of nearly 1.9 million tons. The company currently operates at least 145 ships with an average deadweight of 12,900 dwt, which is significantly different from the average deadweight of 54100 dwt of the G2 Ocean fleet.
Followed by COSCO Hitech, Zeamarine Spliethoff AAL Shipping Chipolbrok Swire Shipping and Wagenborg. Among them, the fleets of COSCO Hitech, AAL Shipping and hipolbrok are generally larger, with average deadweight tonnages of 27800 29500 and 31100dwt.
In general, the current multi-purpose fleet consists of 4,700 vessels with a total load of 63 million dwt. The fleet can be roughly divided into two types: ro / ro and non-ramp.
At present, the level of new ship orders is quite low. 236 new ship orders are equivalent to only 5% of the existing fleet. This number includes all ships that have been and will be delivered in 2019.
TOP10, only 4 companies have new orders. Among them, the order of COSCO Hite's new ships is the largest, with 7 heavy cranes and an average deadweight of 63,000 dwt. This was followed by six orders from the BBC with a total deadweight of approximately 82,600 DWT, followed by two 13,300 tonnage vessels from Zeamarine, and one from Saga Welco.
As previously observed by Drewry, Dynamar also noticed that this type of ship has a tendency to increase its lifting capacity.
It is very interesting that although HMM has only 4 ships, the average lifting capacity of the company's ships reached 640 tons; followed by 570 tons of China and Poland; 470 tons of Singapore's AAL; and 395 tons of Zeamarine ranked fourth. ; BBC's 380 tons ranked fifth. However, in terms of total lifting capacity, the BBC ranks first, and Zeamarine ranks second.
2G2 Ocean and Saga Welco are ranked 13th and 16th respectively. In fact, it is not that the larger the ship, the stronger the lifting capacity it needs.

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