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Visit the land behind Yantian Port to experience the effect of refined traffic management(China shipping)

Nov 17 2017

"To guarantee and improve people's livelihood, we must grasp the people's most direct and most realistic interests. We will do our best and do what we can. One thing after another, we will do it year after year." The big report emphasized the solution of people's livelihood. For the residents who live in the land behind Yantian Port in Yantian District, the livelihood issue that concerns them the most is the surrounding environmental issues. On November 6, when the reporter visited the land behind Yantian Port, he saw that the traffic on several sections was smooth and orderly, and environmental problems had improved significantly.

Refined management to solve the problem of "big boss"

Traffic congestion and safety problems on the Pearl Road in the land behind Yantian Port have always troubled nearby residents. The reporter saw on the scene that the Pearl Road second train lane, which has long been used for parking trailers, has been changed to a driving lane, which makes the traffic on the Pearl Road smooth. Mr. Hu, a trailer driver, often drives from the Pearl Road to the reporter. He told reporters that it used to take more than an hour to drive from the Pearl Road to Yantian Port. Now it only takes about 20 minutes, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency. Mr. Hu has become accustomed to transporting goods in the early hours of the morning. After the refined management work has begun, he often sees uniformed supervisors on the road in the early morning to make people feel safe.

Mr. He, who lives and works near the Pearl Road, said that the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China repeatedly emphasized the word "people", which made him very touched, and he was next to him and saw the changes in the Pearl Road so clearly. The bright future of Yantian is even more hopeful. "I hope the rectification work can be carried on all the time," said Mr. He.

The management team is professionally trained and trained

Along the Pearl Road, reporters saw the coordinator at several intersections. Even when the sun is shining, they still stick to their posts and do their best to protect residents from traffic jams. Huang Long, the captain of the land transportation rectification duty team behind Yantian Port, told reporters that in order to cooperate with the refined management work, the traffic rectification duty team implements a shift system and conducts 24-hour inspections of the land area behind Yantian Port, including the Pearl Road. The driver advised to leave. "The word" please "is the request of our team." Huang Long said.

Huang Long introduced that this year, Yantian Street will set up a temporary traffic control team by purchasing social services to implement normalized traffic control. In August, Yantian Street organized 31 on-the-spot guards on the rear of Yantian Port for militarized training. After returning to the team after training, this group of players has promoted the overall improvement of the team's sense of responsibility and discipline. In addition, the on-duty team also entrusts professional organizations to conduct business knowledge training once a month, traffic gestures and queue training once a week, and half an hour of training before and after each post. "The purpose is the entire team, 132 players, from temperament, talking to the mental outlook must be refreshed." Huang Long said.(China shipping)

Zou Jian is a member of the guarding team. Before October 2016, he was also a container truck driver and now works as a trainer in the team. "The change in my career has taught me to think differently, understand the needs of drivers, and understand the responsibilities of the on-duty team members." Zou Jian said. When Zou Jian talks with the team members every day, he tells them that they need to understand the driver. When encountering a dispute, you need to analyze specific issues, think about any omissions in your work, and then think about whether you can improve in the same situation.

In Zou Jian's view, the best way to learn and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC is to gather together the power of co-management, serve the majority of drivers, and build an environment that satisfies residents in the area. (Source: Shenzhen Evening News trainee reporter Lin Bingquan)

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