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What is The Container Shipping

Dec 28 2022

A container ship, also known as boxship, is a kind of cargo ship. It carries goods in intermodal containers about the size of a truck and is a common method of commercial intermodal freight, and today carries the majority of seaborne non-bulk cargo. The capacity of the container is generally in twenty-foot equivalent units, and typical loads are 20 inches and 40 inches.

History of Container Shipping

Maybe you often hear about container shipping, but do you know the history of container shipping? A long time ago, it was not easy to transport goods, especially when the transportation distance was very long, transportation became very difficult. Given the limited loading and unloading technology at the time, each piece of cargo had to be loaded and unloaded individually, so the ship had to spend hours loading and unloading the cargo. Such a loading and unloading process is not only time- and labor-intensive, but also prone to risks of accidents, theft, and loss.

Later, people first loaded and unloaded goods by bundling them with ropes, and then introduced box transportation. The idea of introducing box transportation comes from the famous American entrepreneur Malcolm P. McLean, whose purpose is to improve efficiency. Simplify and smooth transport and transfer of cargo from ships to other modes of transport via trailers to reduce unnecessary cargo handling. Later, during World War II, he converted the tanker into a container and transported the world's first container. Sea-Land builds the first dedicated container ship, Gateway City, which made its maiden voyage from Port Newark to Miami on October 4, 1957. In January 1960, Grace Line's Santa Eliana sailed to Venezuela, becoming the first full container ship to conduct international trade.

How does container shipping work?

Container shipping companies have many containers arriving at seaports from countries all over the world every day. They are carried on liner ships, which provide regularly scheduled services following the fixed ocean freight routes. Each shipment of goods to be shipped represents a specific supply chain, and each supply chain is unique.

These unique supply chains enable the accurate and timely movement of goods across various modes of transportation. We need to put the goods that need to be transported into the container at the specific place where the goods are assembled. Because the container is sealed, the goods can be safely fixed in the container and transported to the place specified by the buyer. Such as warehouses, factories, etc.

Regarding how container transportation is operated, there are several simple processes as follows. First of all, start from receiving the order, confirm the information of the order, and select the shipping method. In the second step, the cargo is loaded into the container, which is bolted closed and fitted with a high-security seal. Transported by truck to the dock at the port. Then, the container is loaded onto the ship and transported to the port of discharge. After arriving at the unloading port, unload the cargo with a crane. After passing through a series of customs clearances, the goods are transported to the distribution center by truck. Finally, make the delivery.
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How Much Does Container Shipping Cost?

There is no standard answer to the question about the shipping container cost. Because it depends on the form of the goods, the mode of transportation, the weight of your goods, and the distance and popularity of the delivery destination from the origin. Therefore, whether it is container shipping cost, international shipping cost, overseas shipping cost, or shipping container shipping cost, we all need to calculate it.


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