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What should be paid attention to for Rail Freight From China?

Oct 15 2020

Considerations for road freight

1. Rail Freight From China Railway freight types are divided into complete vehicles, LTL and containers. The weight, volume or shape of a batch of goods that require more than one train should be consigned as a whole vehicle; if the conditions are not enough for the entire vehicle, it should be consigned as LTL; if it meets the conditions of container transport, it can be consigned as a container. For LTL cargo, the minimum volume of one piece shall not be less than 0.02 cubic meters (except for one piece weighing more than 10 kg), and each batch shall not exceed 300 pieces.
2. Rail Freight From China For rail freight transported as a batch of cargo, the shipper, consignee, departure station, arrival station and loading and unloading locations must be the same (except for the unloading of the whole truck). The whole truck is one batch per truck. Straddle loading, climbing loading and cargo using traveling cars, each car group is a batch. For LTL cargo or cargo transported in containers, each cargo waybill is one batch. For goods transported in containers, each batch must be of the same box type, at least one box, and no more than the number of boxes that can be carried by a railway truck.
3. When the consignor or consignee’s representative or entrusted agent handles the consignment of goods, receives, changes, or performs other rights and obligations, they shall submit a power of attorney or letter of introduction certifying the entrustment to the station.

4. To consign any railway freight, a cargo contract should be signed with the carrier.

5. The station accepts goods in accordance with the approved vehicle request plan and purchase plan.

For emergency and disaster relief materials, materials directly used in agricultural production, fresh goods, theatrical performance supplies, moving goods and other materials that require urgent transportation, priority should be given to transportation. Pay-as-you-go business also includes LTL.

6. When the shipper delivers the goods to the carrier, it shall submit a batch of goods waybill to the station. The shipper has too many names for a batch of consigned goods, and cannot fill in one by one in the waybill or consign moving goods and two or more goods in the same package. The list of goods must be submitted in triplicate.

The shipper shall be fully responsible for the authenticity of the items entered in the cargo waybill and item list, conceal the report, misstate the name of the goods, and pay liquidated damages in accordance with the regulations when the weight is reported.

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