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Yantian International ushers in world's largest 18,000 TEU giant ship

Aug 05 2013

On July 24, 2013, Yantian International ushered in the maiden voyage of the "Maersk Mike-Kenny Muller", the world's largest container freighter. The ship is 400 meters long and 59 meters wide and can carry 18,000 TEUs. It is now operating on Asia-Europe routes. "Maersk Mike-Kenny Muller" is the first 3E class container ship launched. The ship has significantly improved economy, scale, energy efficiency and environmental protection compared with existing ships. The maiden voyage of the "Maersk Mike-Kenny Muller", after loading 1,682 containers at Yantian International, sailed to Europe via the Port of Tanjung Parapas, Malaysia.
Very large ships have higher requirements for the port's water depth conditions and loading and unloading capabilities. As a natural deep-water port in South China, Yantian International has a water depth of 17.4 meters and 74 shore cranes, of which 51 can handle extra-super Panamax cargo ships . With advanced operation management and operating equipment, Yantian International can meet the berthing requirements of the world's largest container ships. In 2012, there were 168 ultra-large ships carrying more than 10,000 TEUs worldwide, more than 95% of which were at Yantian International.
In order to welcome the first voyage of the Maersk Mike-Kenny Muller, Maersk and Yantian International jointly organized the first voyage event. About 150 guests including the Shenzhen Municipal Government and related departments, various port units, Yantian District Government, and Yantian Port Group attended the event. Mr. Gu Dawei, President of Maersk (China) Shipping Co., Ltd., South China, and Mr. Lin Qingwen, Managing Director of Yantian International attended the event and delivered speeches. Lin Qingwen said: Yantian International ’s long-standing strategy for large ships has highlighted its competitive advantages with the trend of large-scale ships, pushing Shenzhen Port into the forefront of international large ports. Yantian International makes continuous and unique contributions to the development of Shenzhen's economy by virtue of its deep-water advantages, excellent service and environmental protection concepts.china freight forwarder to france

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